Authentic Renewal

Building a Culture of Evangelization & Discipleship in Your Parish – by Brian Miller (2020)

Why Are We Here?

  • “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Matthew 28:19
  • “Evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church.” Pope Paul VI

 What Is Evangelization?

  • “Bringing the Good News of Jesus into every human situation and seeking to convert individuals and society…” Go and Make Disciples, 1992 USCCB

New Evangelization

  • “Missionary impulse capable of transforming everything so that the Church’s customs, language, and structures are suitably channeled for evangelization in today’s world rather than for her self-preservation.” Pope Francis
  • “Commit all of the Church’s energies…to proclaim Christ to all peoples.” Pope St. John Paul II

Missionary Discipleship

  • The ongoing process of encountering Jesus, growing in love and knowledge of him, and witnessing him to others constantly.

Missionary Discipleship in the Archdiocese of St. Louis (2018 Statistics)

Groups Archdiocese     % of Catholics

Total Population



Number of Registered Catholics



Attending Weekly Mass



Living As Intentional Disciples



Disciples Equipped to Evangelize



Evangelizers Per Parish



Total Priests



  • Priest to Catholic Ratio: 1:1,621
  • Evangelizer to Catholic Ratio: 1:166
  • Priest to Evangelizer Ratio: 1:10

Spiritual Multiplication

  • Each Evangelizer be intentional and develop two more missionary disciples each generation (1 – 2 years).
  • 2nd  Generation – Evangelizer to Catholic:1:55
  • 3rd Generation – Evangelizer to Catholic: 1:18

Where to Start?

  • “Only from a personal relationship with Jesus can an effective evangelization develop.” Pope St. John Paul II


  • “First listeners are prepared for the first proclamation of the Gospel or pre-evangelization.”
  • “Pre-evangelization builds on basic human needs (security, love, acceptance) and shows how these needs include a desire for God and his word.” National Directory of Catechesis


  • “I invite all Christians to a renewed personal relationship with Jesus or at least an openness to letting him encounter them…” Pope Francis


  • “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:16


  • “We are determined to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves.” 1 Thessalonians 2:8
  • “Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than teachers, and if he listens to teachers, it is because they are witnesses.” Pope Paul VI