Made For Mission: Renewing Your Parish Culture – Tim Glemkowski (2019)

The question on everyone’s mind these days is “what are we going to do to encourage people back to Church?” And, maybe the more important question is “what are we encouraging them back to?”

There has been a lot of talk about parishes evolving from “maintenance” to “mission” mode. But, how do we do this? Fortunately, there is a resource.

Tim Glemkowski, founder/president of L’Alto Catholic Institute and cofounder/president of Revive Parishes, has written a book called “Made For Mission – Renewing Your Parish Culture”. This book should be mandatory reading for all pastors, priests and parish lay leaders that are interested in transforming their parish culture.

Tim points out that it’s no accident that God has chosen us for these times. God has put us here for a reason. The crisis the Church is faced with today is one of discipleship and this crisis extends to almost every layer of Church leadership.

The template suggested centering on four points to renew your parish culture:

  1. Have a clear vision based on God’s vision for your parish.
  2. Craft a clear path to discipleship.
  3. Mobilize every level of parish leadership.
  4. Align every parish initiative (sacraments, education, communication) to your parish vision.

Tim has graciously allowed us to post a summary of his book on the stewardship webpage. Please go to: to review the summary.