Increased Offertory Recommended Suppliers

What Is It?

  •  A program designed to increase your parish's weekly offertory.
  • The weekly offertory increase is sustainable over time; increasing the weekly base.

How Does It Work?

  • The parish hires a third party company to contact your parish households through a series of letters encouraging them to increase their offertory gift, usually over 4-6 weeks.
  • The letters are segmented based on each parish family's giving habits (i.e., regular givers, occasional givers, and non-givers) and receive different letters based on their segment.
  • The third party company is responsible for all parishioner contact, follow-up, and thank you letters.
  • The parish pays an upfront fee usually based on parish size.


  • Many parishes throughout the Archdiocese have successfully used these programs for many years.
  • Parishes have experienced a sustainable increase in offertory.
  • Many parishes incorporate this program into their annual Stewardship Sunday activity. They seek TIME and TALENT commitments first, they seek an increased TREASURE commitment through an increased offertory program.

Action Steps

  • Contact suppliers and make appointment to discuss.
  • Evaluate cost and benefit of each program.
  • Select supplier and determine start date.
  • Schedule in coordination with annual Stewardship Sunday TREASURE commitment.

Recommended Suppliers