Encourage Greater Mass Attendance

There is a direct correlation between Mass attendance and Stewardship (the greater the attendance, the greater the Stewardship and vice versa). Spending time with God empowers us! On the practical side, studies show that people that regularly attend Mass participate in parish ministry more and contribute more financially.

Encouraging Greater Mass Attendance:

  • When you plan special Masses, be sure the individuals you want to invite receive the invitation! Don’t just make an announcement at Mass or put an article in the bulletin. Contact the people individually.

  • Have a “Special” Mass once a month:

    • January – invite those who had a child baptized within the last year.

    • February – near St. Valentine’s Day, invite newly married couples over the past year.

    • March/April – invite newly registered families over the past year.

    • May/June – invite all recent high school graduates from a year ago.

    • November – near All Souls’ Day, invite those who lost a loved one within the last year.

    • Throughout the year – ask sports coaches to plan team Masses during each sports season. Also, ask each parish ministry to plan an annual Mass for their members.

    • Appreciation Mass for all parish volunteers.

    • Annual Outdoor Mass – “Mass in the Grass”

    • Scouting Mass

    • Use your imagination!

When children come to Mass, the parents come to Mass:

  • Involve children more in the Liturgy and make weekend Masses a family event.

  • Include children to bring up gifts, be readers or greeters.

  • Schedule a quarterly Family or Children’s Mass. Let the children help plan the Mass.

  • Have religion teachers have a discussion on the Sunday homily.

  •  Ask the principal or pastor to write school families encouraging better Mass attendance.

 Other Suggestions:

  • Pastor writes a letter after Labor Day to school families inviting them back to Mass.

  • Pastor talks at all parish ministry meetings about the importance of Mass attendance.

  • Encourage parishioners to include Mass in their special family celebrations. Include in the weekly bulletin.