About Stewardship

“How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?”
(Psalm 116:12)

Stewardship, quite simply, is recognizing that everything we have and everything we are is a gift from God and being grateful and generous with those gifts.

We aren’t “owners” of anything, we are merely “stewards” of the gifts that God has given us.

Stewardship isn’t a process, or a campaign, or an accounting of our gifts.  Rather, it is a lifestyle rooted in gratitude and generosity.

The whole point of stewardship is to help each other strengthen our relationship with God and get to Heaven!

The foundation of stewardship is prayer – talking and listening to God every day, throughout the day.

Stewardship means putting complete trust in God, in all things.

Stewardship means sharing all of our gifts, especially that one that means the most to you.

By sharing all of our gifts, it helps us keep God first in everything, from putting other “gods” before God.  It helps us live “God-centered” lives and not “self-centered” lives.

Of all the gifts that God gives us, the one he wants the most is our heart.  He wants us to share out of love, not out of obligation.

When we align our thoughts and actions with God’s plan and use our gifts in the way God intended, our lives become transformed with Joy, Love, Mercy and Peace!

Sound interesting? 

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