Jesus and Money

The following is from a presentation by Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran (authors of the book Rebuilt) on the stewardship of money:

  • Begin in prayer – the Holy Spirit is needed to help change hearts.
  • Lead yourself – parish leaders must be good examples of generous giving.
  • Teach people what God says about money – use parables and scripture; develop a series of weekly messages.
  • Ask people to give and thank them; people give to a vision, not to neediness.
  • Put rungs on a ladder – most people will not automatically go to a 10% tithe. Take steps to get there: help people plan their giving annually, emphasize it’s a priority, give a percentage of income and progress (increase) the percentage annually.
  • Set people up for success – the electronic giving option is a must for all parishes.
  • Celebrate giving – what is celebrated is repeated.
  • Eliminate competing systems – this requires courage and discipline, encourage giving to weekly offertory and eliminate parish fundraisers.
  • Persevere – be patient and obedient, need three to five years to see a change.