In my travels over the past ten years, I have met many people who are “on fire” for Christ. Many times when I ask them how it started for them the answer is “someone invited me to go on a retreat.”

When I dig further about what was it about the retreat that changed their life, the answer is “I spent time in silence listening to God.”

Spending time in silence is the common denominator! It really wasn’t the type of retreat, it was the silent time with our Lord.

Personally invite people to attend retreats and be persistent year after year. Many people will say “no” out of reflex. Many times you need to plant the seed before someone says “yes.”

Also, help people create this “sacred silence” in their life by encouraging them to intentionally devote time, in silence, every day to listen to God. For many people, this is in the early morning before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.                                     

Pope Francis said, “In this age, when people are so busy they do not have enough time to listen to God’s voice. Retreats become like oases where they can discover the beauty of silence.”