• Tithing means “one tenth” or 10%.
  • As recommended by the Archdiocese, anyone interested in tithing, give 5% of gross income to their local parish and 5% to other Church needs and charity.
  • Many people are not in a position to start out tithing, however, over time, by adding a 1% increase each year, they can reach 10%.
  • For many people that tithe, 10% is the starting point (not the end point) and they give beyond 10%.
  • Is a concept we should continue to talk about and encourage people to do with joy.
  • Several parishes have developed tithing committees and give a portion of their offertory to other ministries or charities, eliminating second collections.
  • Why don’t people tithe anymore? Because we don’t ask them!
  • We need to talk about tithing more in our parishes.
  • Only 5% of people nationally tithe (which means gives 10%).