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2023 Stewardship Educational Material


2023 Stewardship Marketing Material


Stewardship E-Newsletters


    November 2023: The Joy of Mass

    October 2023: Prayer

    September 2023: All Things Are Possible With God

    August 2023 Stewardship: My Catholic Giving Guide

    July 2023 Stewardship: The Narrow Gate

    June 2023 Stewardship: The Three "T's" of Prayer
    May 2023: The gift of silence

    April 2023: Be one just as we are

    March 2023: Spiritual spring training

    February 2023: Human Beings vs. Human Doings

    January 2023: SEEK 23 Conference Highlights

    December 2022: Evangelization or Winning an Argument








2023 Parish Stewardship Training