Building a Path of Discipleship

Pre-Evangelization (meeting human needs)

  • Friendship – build trust
  • Spiritual Curiosity – asking questions
  • Spiritual Openness – ready to learn more
  • Spiritual Seeking – actively seeking God

Discipleship (“learner”/follower of Jesus)

  • Encounter – open to discipleship
  • Beginning Disciple – committed to Jesus

Stewardship (recognizing everything is a gift from God; grateful & generous lifestyle)

  • Growing Disciple – observable changes in behavior
  • Commissioned Disciple – take part in the mission of the Church

Evangelization/Apostleship (proclaiming the Gospel through word and action/one who is “sent”)

  • Disciple Maker – lead someone to Jesus
  • Spiritual Multiplier – train and equip others to evangelize
  • Social Justice


  • This is not a linear process.
  • Steps can happen at the same time, happen very quickly or backslide.
  • Focus on the “why” and not the “what”.
  • God reveals Himself gradually to man. (Old Testament – God, New Testament – Jesus, Jesus’s Ascension – Holy Spirit.
  • God’s method of teaching (similar process to any good coach):
    • He meets us where we are at.
    • He challenges us to the next level.
    • He helps us to the next level.
  • St. Paul 1 Corinthians 3:2 “I fed you milk, not solid food, because you were unable to take it.”
  • A disciple should develop a divine mindset – mind controlled by God to be able to understand the things of God.
  • Two crucial aspects of discipleship:
    • Self-denial: make God the center of your life, not yourself.
    • Take up your cross: forsake all to follow Jesus.