Reclamation Center Statistic

Reclamation Center Information Map

The Reclamation Center supports the Archdiocese of Saint Louis in managing of Liturgical Items that are no longer being used at one location but has a need in another location.  The Reclamation Center has recieves many requests within the Archdiocese, the United States, and the world.  The Reclamation Center has also received requests from other diocese on how establish their own reclamation Center. 

The statistic page provides information on items flowing through the center.


Item Pickup

Item Request



  Item Inventory Category

Item Inventory Category by Date

Item Inventory Quantity

Item Inventory Quantity by Date


Item Receipt

Item Disposal

Item Donation

Item Pickup

Item Request

Item Reservation







Item Receipt

Item Disposal

Item Donation

Item Pickup

Item Request

Item Reservation

Item Receipt City

Item Disposal City

Item Donation City

Item Pickup City

Item Request City

Item Reservation City

Item Receipt State Item Disposal State Item Donation State Item Pickup State Item Request State Item Reservation State
Item Receipt Country

Item Disposal Country

Item Donation Country

Item Pickup Country

Item Request Country

Item Reservation County

Item Receipt Postal

Item Disposal Postal

Item Donation Postal

Item Pickup Postal

Item Request Postal

Item Reservation Postal

Item Receipt Inventory Item Disposal Inventory Item Donation Inventory Item Pickup Inventory Item Request Inventory Item Reservation Inventory
Item Receipt Organization

Item Disposal Organization

Item Donation Organization

Item Pickup Organization

Item Request Organization

Item Reservation Organization

Item Receipt Organization Type

Item Disposal Organization Type

Item Donation Organization Type

Item Pickup Organization Type

Item Request Organization Type

Item Reservation Organization Type

Item Receipt Person

Item Disposal Person

Item Donation Person

Item Pickup Person

Item Request Person

Item Reservation Person

Item Receipt Person Type Item Disposal Person Type Item Donation Person Type  Item Pickup Person Type Item Request Person Type Item Reservation Person Type