Reclamation Center

"The Catholic cathedral, basilica or church, then, is neither mere meeting house nor temple. It is a sacramental building. This means that God is indeed intensely present in the sacramental place of worship, but this presence is of a character that meditates, reveals, and celebrates the holiness and action of God in creation, history and culture."

--M. Francis Mannion, Masterworks of God: Essays in Liturgical Theory and Practice

(Chicago, IL, Hillenbrand Books, 2004)



Church Renovations and Building Resources

Here are several resources that will be helpful in renovating or building a Church. We hope these resources are useful in your planning:


Reclamation Center

The Reclamation Center stores items from parishes that were closed several years ago along with items from churches, convents, and other religious facilities in the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Priests, deacons, religious who may be seeking items needed for church renovations, convents, chapels, schools, etc. can contact Deacon Joe Streckfuss, Director of the Reclamation Center to make an appointment.

Deacon Joe handles all appointments and those interested in visiting the Reclamation Center.  His hours of operation will be:

Wednesday from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Please contact Deacon Joe to make an appointment during his listed hours.  He can be reached at: 314-792-6461 or by email Joe Streckfuss


We are pleased Deacon Joe is able to give of his time to invest in this project.  He is providing a great service to our office by helping our Archdiocese, the Missions and other Archdioceses around the globe to use items dedicated for use in churches.