Liturgy and Life In Our Church & Schools

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Cardinal Rigali Center

20 Archbishop May Drive

St. Louis, Missouri 63119

The Liturgy is defined as "a 'public work' or service done in the name of or on behalf of the people."

           -CCC Glossary

Learn about the many ways the faithful can incorporate liturgy into the life of the Church outside of the Sacrament of the Mass, ways to enhance the Liturgical celebration of the Mass, and creative ways of bringing the faith and liturgy into our schools.  This workshop is open to all interested including pastors, ministers of the parish, catechists, teachers, lay faithful, and anyone desiring to know more about the life & liturgy and ways to incorporate into our schools and parishes.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Schedule of the Day

8:30-9:00              Check-in and registration

9:00-9:20              Prayer & Logistics 

9:30-10:30            Breakout Session 1

10:30-10:40          Break

10:40-11:40          Breakout Session 2

11:45-12:15          Mass in the Chapel

12:15-1:10            Lunch    

1:10-2:10              Breakout Session 3

2:10-2:20              Break

2:20-3:20              Breakout Session 4

3:20-3:30              Prayer & Dismissal from breakout rooms

Each attendee will be able to choose from over 20 workshops for the four sessions throughout the day.  Some workshops are only offered in the morning or afternoon, so please take note as you are choosing which workshop sessions to attend.  By selecting your choices now, it gives us an idea of the size room we will need for each session.  On the day of the workshop, you are welcome to make a change if another session is more suited to your needs, but this will at least help us ahead of time with scheduling.  Registration information and details are below, including a description of the workshops to choose from. 

A light continental breakfast and coffee will begin at 8:30 am and lunch will be provided as well.  Please be sure to note any allergies on your registration form.  All registrations are due by Friday, July 22

Workshops Offered

*Please note when the workshops are offered as some are only available for certain sessions.

Building Better Communication Habits (Liz Henning, KP Consultant) (Available Session 2)
Overview: The rapid change in communication, culture, and community over the past 50 years have impacted each of our lives in remarkable ways. As we look to the future, it is essential to embrace these new communication tools and begin to use them well and effectively to preach the Gospel and reach new audiences - and we must build good habits to do so.  Too often, Catholic parish communication is focused on reaching the "Sunday Stalwarts" - those who are already invested in the mission and ministries. This presentation is designed to help parish workers build strong teams, set clear audience definitions, set plans, and audit which communication channels are being used most frequently and effectively.

Celebrate the Liturgical Year (Barb Yoffie) (Available Session 3 & 4)
How do you observe and celebrate the liturgical year? This session addresses meaningful ways to celebrate the school year and the Church year in a way that appeals to the heart and mind.  Come discover how to live liturgical year and celebrate it authentically with your students and families.

Celebrating Rituals with Children (Joe Milner) (Available Session 4)
This workshop will explore ritual celebrations for children: Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Suggested prayer services and practices that can be used to foster their faith development will be presented. 

Children’s Stewardship (Dave Baranowski) (Available Session 3)
Stewardship is a lifestyle not only for adults, but for children also.  Learn practical tools to help engrain a stewardship culture within your home, school or classroom.

Christian Initiation for Children of Catechetical Age: An Overview (Joe Milner) (Available Session 3)
There are two rituals for the initiation of children.  One is for infants and the other for children who have reached the age of reason.  This session will explore background of the initiation process for children who have reached the age of reason, the vision of the rite, and the various stages in the process.

Composing Universal Prayers for Eucharist and Prayer Services (Joe Milner) (Available session 2)
Composing intercessions can be challenging.  What is their purpose and how do you sort through all the topics that could be chosen?  The purpose of intercessions in the mass, the various styles that can be used, and ways to organize the prayers will be explored so that you can bring clear and meaningful intercessions to your prayer celebrations.

Engaging Others in Prayer (Amy Buehrle and Sister Cathy Doherty) (Available Session 3)
There are many times to pray with our youth outside the Eucharist.  We will engage in the many forms of prayer for prayer services and types of prayers.   Engaging students, parishioners, catechists, and small groups in prayer.  Using a variety of prayer types discussing and learning ways to incorporate audio, visual, and other methods of praying as a faithful.  Resources for Holy Hours, Lectio & Visio Divina, Lenten and Advent Stations of the Cross, and others. 

Exploring the Titles of Mary and Services for Mary (Sister Cathy Doherty) (Available Session 4)
This session will explore the many cultural titles of Mary.  Ideas will also be presented for May Crownings, Marian celebrations, etc.

Forming “Social Poets” in Your Parish or School (Marie Kenyon) (Available Session 3)
A workshop that explores how we can answer Pope Francis’s call to become Christians who have the “ability and courage to create hope where there appears to be only waste and exclusion.”  Practical advice on ways to form ministries of justice and service that empower people to live their faith.

Hispanic Popular Religiosity/Religiocidad Pupular Hispaña (Deacon Jorge Perez) (Available Session 1 & 2)
The focus on this session will be on the Hispanic faith, customs, and traditions.

Local Immigration Issues Facing the Church: What Can Be Done? What Can My Parish or My School Do? (Marie Kenyon) (Available Session 4)
A workshop that discusses what our faith teaches us about welcoming the stranger and the tangible things we can do to advocate for and welcome migrants and refugees to our home.

Music with Children (Dawn Riske) (Available Session 1 & 2)
Energizing Children’s Liturgy Through Music: Formation, Nurture, and Growth

Personal Stewardship Best Practices (Dave Baranowski) (Available Session 1)
Explore that within our gifts of Prayer, Participation and Generosity one learns practical tools to help grow in our friendship with the Holy Trinity.

Planning Liturgies with Children (Sr. Cathy Doherty) (Available Session 1 & 2)
This session will explore the Document of the Church: Directory For Masses with Children.  Ideas will be presented on ways to plan the Eucharist with and for children.

Planning with the Funeral Rites of Our Church (Fr. Nicholas Smith) (Available Session 1 & 4)
Planning a funeral mass for a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences we will face.  Yet, when a Catholic dies, the Church celebrates a beautiful set of liturgical rites to help the faithful through the days of grieving, to express our belief in eternal life, and to unite us in pray for the one who has died.  This conference will focus on the Order of Christian Funerals, the Catholic understanding of death, the history of the Catholic funeral rites, the place of the funeral rites in the mourning process, liturgical options, cremation questions, and the importance of the Funeral Mass.

Prayer as explored in the Catechism (Amy Buehrle) (Available Session 4)
Using section four of the Catechism as the guide, this session will focus on ways of prayer being the starting point for building a stronger community to draw in more volunteers and build relationships among the faithful. We will discuss the many types of prayer that can be incorporated throughout the parish year and focus on specific prayers and services to use during particular seasons, specifically, Advent Stations, the Prayer Process, small group studies (Lectio Mary and the Eucharist), and some Bible or Prayer apps to use.  The idea is to focus on prayer both personally and as a community in order to foster relationships in your parishes, families, and among friends. 

Praying with the Lectionary (Fr. Paul Niemann) (Available Session 3 & 4)
Praying with the daily Mass readings for Lectio and personal prayer – exploring ways to see how the Lectionary opens up a good amount of the Bible, while skipping the parts most find impossible to understand, and seeing how the Scripture readings are in sync with the Church year. 

Saints - Heavenly Heroes and Spiritual Friends (Barb Yoffie) (Available Session 1 & 2)
Saints are heroes of the Catholic Church whose lives inspire us and give us hope.  They are powerful witnesses for us and our students.  Come meet some of my favorite saints and discover helpful resources, classroom tips, and activities to make the Saints come alive!

Strong Communications and School Advancement (Katie Pesha, MBA) (Available Session 3)
Overview: We know that school's academic, advancement, recruitment and development teams are most successful when they work together. This session offers practical, tactical steps to define the audiences, build a message framework, and select appropriate communication channels. Through this process, a school can integrate continuous improvement and / or accreditation goals into regular communication channels through proactive content development, and create documentation for the next phase of assessment. 

In On Fraternity and Friendship, Pope Francis addresses teachers and communicators in the same paragraph, noting that both are in the first line of formation for young minds after their families.  Teachers...have the challenging task of training children and youth in schools or other settings communicators also have a responsibility for education and formation, especially nowadays (Fratelli Tutti, 87). As a team of communications professionals, with a dedicated heart for Catholic education as a ministry of the Church, we work to help teams create collaborative solutions, rather than competitive alternatives, which spark ingenuity and increase accountability.

Using the Liturgical Books to Prepare for Eucharist (Amy Buehrle) (Available Session 1)
How do you plan a Mass for your parish or school? Learn how to find the readings for daily Masses and choosing special readings when it is an option.  This workshop will walk through choosing the readings from the 4 Lectionary volumes, setting up the Roman Missal, and using the Ordo as your first resource.  We will use the books and locate readings as a group so you become more familiar with these books.  We will also go through an example of how to fill out a Liturgy Form to share with the celebrant. 


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