Archdiocesan Liturgical Calendar & Guidelines

Liturgical calendar 

    Worship Liturgical Calendar 2021.pdf

    Worship Liturgical Calendar 2021.docx

Archdiocesan Guidelines

    Archdiocesan Guidelines for Mass outside of a church, chapel, or oratory.pdf

Parish Ministers 

    Extraordinary Minister Guidelines & Commissioning Forms.pdf

    Lector & Reader Guidelines.pdf


Catholic Hymnody USCCB Document.pdf

Rites & Sacraments 


    Cardinal Rigali Center Funeral Planning Guide.pdf

    Cremation and the Catholic Church.pdf

    Remarks of Remembrance Guidelines.pdf


    The Catholic Wedding.pdf

    Policy on the Place of Marriage.pdf

Guidelines & Resources from Other Dioceses & Resources

Below are respected resources which are worthy of your consideration.  There many good resources from other dioceses and below are just a few guidelines that might be useful for your ministry in addition to our specific Archdiocese of St. Louis Guidelines above.  

    Sacramental Guidelines from Diocese of Hartford.pdf   

Archdiocese of Portland Liturgical Guidelines Handbook.pdf


    Portland Sacred Music Sing a New Song.pdf

    New York Marriage Guidelines.pdf

    Archdiocese of New York Funeral Music Guidelines.pdf