Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent


“We will end abortion in our city!”

How, you might ask? With prayer. It has been over four decades since abortion was legalized in America. We have made great progress on many fronts: in legislative bodies, in the courts and, most of all, in the hearts of people.

At the March for Life in Washington D.C. each year you can hear the passionate chant of young people: We may not be able to change the law, but we can change hearts!

I am pledging my commitment to a Respect Life Convent under the care of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity that will offer a welcoming presence to those working to end abortion. This Convent is a powerful witness, directly across the street from the city’s abortion clinic in the Central West End in the city of St. Louis.

I invite you to join in prayer and visit the Convent when you can, to pray for the end of this scourge in our nation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson
Archbishop of St. Louis




The mission of the Sisters at Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent is to provide warm hospitality to visitors and to all who respect life, especially the life of the unborn.

The Sisters welcome those pilgrims for life who come to witness to life at the abortion clinic. They welcome the Catholic community at large to pray with them. They offer clarity and comfort in the face of confusion.

The Sisters offer the clear and refreshing air of the truth, the truth that everyone is invited to hear – “the voice of the Lord echoing in the conscience of every individual: it is always from this intimate sanctuary of the conscience that a new journey of love, openness and service to human life can begin”

(Pope Saint John Paul II, The Gospel of Life, 24).


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Spiritual Opportunities

Every second and fourth Friday the OLG Sisters host Eucharistic Adoration (11 a.m.), a pro-life Mass (noon), and lunch. A group or parish may invite their pastor or priest to say the Mass or ask the RLA to help find one.

To register your parish or pro-life group, contact the RLA at [email protected] or 314.914.9700.

OLG Mass Schedule


Parking at Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent (4311 Forest Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108) is limited to the street only. Watch “no parking” signs carefully as regulations are strictly enforced. Normally, there are open spots on Boyle Avenue.