Spiritual Support

Directed to participation in the sacramental life and prayer of the Church, that the culture of death surrounding us today will be replaced by a culture of life and love.     


Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent

This Convent is a powerful witness, directly across the street from the city’s abortion clinic in the Central West End in the city of St. Louis.

Annual Roe v. Wade Memorial Mass

Every year in January we gather to remember all the babies who have died and all those whose lives continue to be affected by the effects of abortion and Roe v. Wade. This goal of this event is to offer prayers for the protection of all unborn children who are in danger of abortion; for wisdom, strength, and fortitude for their mothers and fathers; for the conversion of all those who participate in the abortion industry; and for parents, family members, and friend who have suffered as a result of an abortion experience, that they may find hope and healing.

The Mass, celebrated at the Cathedral Basilica, is preceded by a Rose Procession. The Rose Procession of volunteers honors their peers lost to abortion since 1973.

After Mass, all are invited to participate in a peaceful Rosary Procession to the local Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Those unable to join in the walk are encouraged to pray the Rosary and remain adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Cathedral. Following the Rosary Procession, Benediction will be offered in the Cathedral.


Helpers of God's Precious Infants

Helpers of God's Precious Infants, established in St. Louis in January 2000, is a peaceful, prayerful life-saving ministry that meets on the third Saturday of every month (except in January when it's replaced with the Annual Roe V. Wade Memorial Mass.

The prayer vigil begins with 8 a.m. Mass at the Cathedral Basilica, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, a rosary prayer procession to Planned Parenthood's local abortion facility, and Benediction upon return to the Cathedral Basilica.

Those unable to process are invited to remain in Eucharistic Adoration at the Cathedral Basilica.

 If your parish priest would like to celebrate a third Saturday Mass and lead the Rosary prayer procession, please contact the RLA at prolife@archstl.org or 314-792-7555.


Adoption Mass

November is National Adoption Month. Every year, the RLA joins with Good Shepherd Children and Family Services to coordinate a celebration for those who have been involved in any way with adoption, a gift twice given.

In the United States, about 120,000 adoptions occur each year. Many people, directly and indirectly, are affected by adoption:

  • Women seeking options for unplanned or crisis pregnancies
  • People and couples seeking children to complete their families
  • Foster families and agencies involved in the placement and protection of children
  • Children who have been adopted

An annual adoption mass is celebrated at the Cathedral Basilica each November.


Breast Cancer Healing Mass

Many people in the Archdiocese of St. Louis are wanting to raise awareness and support individuals and families who have gone through this very difficult disease. Since 2011, the Respect Life Apostolate has offered this Healing Mass in collaboration with different parishes throughout the archdiocese.   

 We hope this Mass will give those in attendance the opportunity to join their sufferings with Christ as we pray for the peace and healing of all.


Spiritual Adoption

Initiated in 1991, this simple yet effective program provides an opportunity for children, teens, adults and senior citizens to prayerfully intercede on behalf of moms and unborn babies threatened by abortion. Participants spiritually adopt a baby known by God to be at risk of abortion by pledging to pray the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen prayer daily for nine months.  
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to protect the life of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted.  Mary, our Mother in Heaven, pray for us, and especially for your little ones! Because God loves every baby He creates, I promise to pray for my spiritually adopted baby for nine months."

The goal of the program is three fold:

  1. Encourage prayers for babies in danger of abortion and for their parents.
  2. Educate adults and children about the development of babies in the womb.
  3. Provide material assistance to mothers in need through a "baby shower" or "birthday party" at the conclusion of the program.

Schools and Parish School of Religion programs can promote Spiritual Adoption for the nine months of the school year, September through May. It works well for a parish to participate along with the school. Another option is to offer the program from the Feast of the Annunciation through Christmas. At the end of the nine months of prayer, schools and/or parishes can hold a baby shower to gather new or gently used items for agencies that provide a home or support for mothers with a crisis pregnancy.


Prayer Resources

Two Spiritual Adoption Prayer Cards are available through the RLA Office.  To order these prayer cards, click here.
Word of Life Intercessions and Bulletin Announcements

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops provides monthly suggestions for pro-life prayer intercessions and bulletin briefs which are available in English and Spanish. Homily notes are provided occasionally. As a courtesy the RLA sends these materials to a representative from each parish monthly.

Blessings for Expectant Mothers
The Church has long had the practice of blessing women before childbirth. By celebrating and respecting expectant mothers and their unborn children, we can help express a new culture of life and love. We encourage all parishes to regularly offer this blessing. Contact your parish’s Liturgy Committee to suggest starting this tradition in your parish and the RLA would be glad to assist in this process.


Other Spiritual Support

Word of Life Parish Resource

Blessing of a Child in the Womb


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