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Abortion Healing Ministry

The physical, emotional, and spiritual pain of abortion is undeniable. Because it is such a traumatic event, many who experience an abortion develop adverse psychological reactions, including possible guilt, anxiety, depression, experiencing the abortion, or substance abuse. 

Project Rachel and Project Joseph provide healing and hope to women and men wounded by abortion. Project Rachel and Project Joseph are for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Confidentiality is key to both  and your privacy will be respected. No one will be turned away due to cost. Our newer offerings through Rachel's Vineyard and the Catholic Renewal Center also provide healing opportunities for couples and families. 

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Project Rachel Project Joseph



Options Brochure - Pregnancy Resources

The resources inside the Options brochure offer FREE assistance to choose the safest option for you and your baby. The services listed may be onsite or referral, but each agency will do everything possible to help you with your best option. Click here to download the brochure (local resources) or contact [email protected] for printed copies. Please click here for help outside of the archdiocesan area.   


Adoption Resources

Adoption is a life-giving option and the Respect Life Apostolate is blessed to partner with two other archdiocesan agencies to raise awareness about adoption opportunities available in our area. 

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

The RLA and Good Shepherd Children & Family Services unite in several initiatives each year to help this agency fulfill its mission: "In response to the call of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, to help those in need, we connect children with families and keep families connected." These initiatives include the Adoption Mass each November, Deacon Diaper Drive during Lent, and the LifeLine Coalition drive each January.


Office of Natural Family Planning - Archbishop's Adoption Fund 

Since its inception in 2009, the Archbishop Robert J. Carlson Adoption Fund has helped 35 families adopt 38 children with over $180,000 in grant fundsThis grant, offered through the Archdiocesan Office of Natural Family Planning, is available to couples who want to build their family through this loving choice. For more information about the grant, contact the Office of Natural Family Planning at 314-997-7576 or [email protected], or click the link below.

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Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Fund

Archbishop Robert J. Carlson established the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Fund at the 33rd Annual Respect Life Convention on October 25, 2009. His vision for this fund is to relieve the burdens of expectant parents and parents who have recently given birth under difficult circumstances in our Archdiocese. It is our call as Catholics to ensure that no parent has to consider abandoning his or her child out of basic financial necessity. 

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Naming and Commendation Rite

"I am the Resurrection and the life." - John 11:25

Jointly developed by the Archdiocesan Office of Worship and the RLA, this rite is designed to meet the needs of parents whose child(ren) died prior to birth because of miscarriage, accident, or abortion.

The ritual emphasizes the Church's respect for the sacredness of all human life from the moment of conception – regardless of a child’s age or stage of development.  It acknowledges that all life, even the lives of those who are never born, impacts families and individuals.  It also helps bring peaceful closure after a great loss. It helps families and friends place the infant's death in the context of faith and to unite them to the merciful love of God.

Our next Naming & Commendation Rites are:

  1. Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022 at Christ Prince of Peace Parsh in Manchester. Click here for details
  2. Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022 at St. Francis Borgia Parish in Washington. Click here for details.

In November 2021, the St. Louis Review did a feature on this very powerful healing service for unborn loss. Click here to read the full story

If your parish would like to host a Naming and Commendation Rite or Mass, please contact the 314.792.7555 or [email protected] If you would like to be notified when the next one is scheduled, sign up for our event updates by clicking here.


LifeLine Coalition

The LifeLine Coalition is a group of social service agencies and pro-life caregivers who are committed to helping women experiencing crisis pregnancies through:

  • Increasing awareness and availability of pregnancy assistance services
  • Generating new revenue for caregivers
  • Expanding services to pregnant women

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