Internship Program

Are you a recent high school graduate, current college student or graduate student? Looking for an educational, inspirational and impactful respect life summer internship in a professional Catholic setting? 

The RLA offers a paid summer internship from late May to early August, approximately 20-24 hours per week. 

 Responsibilities may include any of the following:

  • Respect life program and event planning
  • Learning how to strategically accompany and support pregnant and parenting mothers
  • Engaging in peaceful, public witness on behalf of life
  • Conducting timely and topical pro-life research
  • Marketing, social media and website efforts
  • Field trips to key Catholic and pro-life ministry partners 
  • Assisting with youth and young adult outreach 
  • Assisting with general office operations

Additionally, interns will gain experience working in a professional, respect life, Archdiocesan office setting and networking with strategic Catholic and pro-life leaders.

In 2024, the program is being updated and revamped. To inquire about 2025 opportunities, please contact [email protected] or 314.792.7555. 

What Do Former Interns Say? 

Trent's Experience 

"I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of the Respect Life Apostolate team this summer. It has been fruitful being surrounded by amazing people who strive to live out their faith well in all parts of their lives. Seeing the joy that everyone brought each day and the dedication to protecting the unborn was very uplifting and inspiring. I looked forward to each day this summer in this Christ-centered workplace. It was incredible getting to visit various places such as Coalition Life, Haven of Grace, and Thrive, to see the active work that these organizations do to help women and families. It certainly inspired me to take a more active role in the pro-life movement by supporting mothers, fathers, and children. 

I also was able to attend the Mid-America Steubenville Youth Conference this summer as a volunteer. I loved seeing how excited the youth were about Christ and protecting unborn children. In addition to the spiritual fruits of this internship, I was also able to learn many new skills and cultivate old ones. I had the opportunity to work with the other intern, Amara, on two brochures. I enjoyed researching organizations and designing these brochures. This internship has shaped me and made me a better man. The experiences that I have gained will help me wherever God leads me next." 

Maria's Experience 

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you did and taught me this summer. Thank you for the amazing opportunity and experience to serve Christ and His Church through standing up for the most vulnerable." - Maria

Lauren's Experience

"I learned so much about myself, what it means to be pro-life, and how I can contribute to the fight for life. I was challenged to do the best work I could, while building supported by a great staff. Working with passionate, hardworking people in such an encouraging, Catholic environment has been invaluable to me and will surely be beneficial to me throughout my college experience and beyond. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity and could not imagine spending my summer elsewhere." 

Riley's Experience

"Thank you for the opportunity to work with you all this summer. From making social media posts to volunteering with the Helpers of God's Precious Infants Ministry to attending the Pro-Life Women's Conference, I've learned so much about the pro-life world and non-profits. I've gained skills that will help me when I graduate next May. Thank you for all of your prayers and I'll see you at the Respect Life Convention in October." 

Amara's Experience  

 "In the short time of three months, I learned what it truly means to be part of a strong pro-life organization rooted in Christ. I was blessed with getting to know each team member better and witnessing the importance of each role. After being in the RLA workplace and learning more about the pro-life movement, I now better understand the meaning behind “culture of life, civilization of love.” The members of the RLA help not only the unborn but also each other. 

By the end of the internship, everyone felt more like family rather than simply coworkers. A few of the tasks myself and the other intern, Trent, were assigned included creating new brochures, preparing various types of mailers, researching pro-life organizations, building a website, and helping plan the annual convention. In addition to these tasks, we were also able to tour multiple places, including Coalition Life, Haven of Grace, and Thrive, that offer help to women and families in need. Visiting these locations allowed us to learn more about their ministry and the help they provide. Another great part of the internship was attending and working at the Mid-America Steubenville Youth Conference. For one weekend, we were able to see God enter into the lives of the youth and impact them. It was a powerful weekend filled with fellowship and the fruits of the Holy Spirit. 

Overall, I learned and grew a lot as a person both spiritually and professionally. I am thankful the Lord opened up this opportunity for me and am eager to take everything I learned with me to my next job. I will miss working for the Respect Life Apostolate, but I know I will always be welcome there, and for that I am grateful."  


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