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Customer Service Information: 1.800.335.8266

All Archdiocesan employees enrolled into one of the two available UHC medical plans are automatically enrolled into the Delta Dental Plan of Missouri. Like the medical plans, you may see any dentist you wish. However, if your dentist participates in the Delta Dental network your costs may be reduced. If you enroll for the first time Delta Dental of Missouri will mail your new ID card to your home address or if you need to replace your ID card, you can contact Delta Dental directly.

The Archdiocese has an enhanced the dental program by providing two networks, the Delta Dental Premier network and the Delta Dental PPO network.  If you choose to see a Delta Dental PPO dentist, you will save money and stretch your benefits because the PPO network gives you 10% more benefits for Basic and Major services. Plus, PPO dentists provide greater discounts, saving you even more money. There is no change to your benefits if you continue to see a Delta Dental Premier dentist or a non-participating dentist.

You and your eligible dependents have the freedom to choose any dentist. Benefits will be based upon your provider and services. You do not enroll in the PPO Network or Premier Network. For example, you may be a patient of a PPO network provider and your dependent may be a patient of a Premier network provider. You are able to change a dentist at any time.

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For any employee benefit questions, please email [email protected] or call 314.792.7546