403b Retirement Plan

To access your retirement plan information and/or change your beneficiary, please visit the Empower website at the following link: http://empowermyretirement.com or call 866-467-7756. 

Important Note: Upon employment termination you may request a rollover and/or distribution from your account through EMPOWER; however, distributions and/or rollovers cannot be processed until your final paycheck has been issued. 

A transfer to another Archdiocesan Retirement Plan participating employer, including any Catholic Charities Agency, does not meet the eligibility requirements for a rollover and/or distribution under the retirement plan.

Additionally, a transfer to/from an Archdiocesan participating employer/Catholic Charities retirement plan requires new enrollment into the applicable retirement plan.

NEW! Roth 403b option available effective January 1, 2022 - Click here to view Pre-tax vs. Roth (Post-tax) Contributions Presentation

UPDATE - Retirement Plan's transition from Prudential to Empower

Lay Employee 403b Retirement Plan Highlights

403b Retirement Basic Plan Description

Lay Employee 403b Retirement Plan Overview Video


Educational Webinar Opportunities:

February 2023 - Gallagher Financial Wellbeing Webinar - Retirement Account Basics

March 2023 - Gallagher Financial Wellbeing Webinar - Retirement Income and Social Security 

Archdiocesan Gallagher Retirement Representatives Contact Information:

Mike Eagen - 314.792.7262 or [email protected]

Sharon Gogel - 314.792.7261 or [email protected] 


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For any employee benefit questions, please email [email protected] or call 314.792.7546