Encouragement and Giving

Encouragement is a spiritual gift in which a person urges, convinces and empowers others to be Jesus in their thoughts, actions and words. It involves witnessing to the goodness and correctness in others, supporting their decisions and ministries. Encouragement grows out of one’s close relationship with God and the mind of Jesus. Encouragement is based on a strong spiritual life and way of thinking. It involves a prayer life and a wisdom helping others to do the right thing, the Jesus thing.

Giving is a spiritual experience when we give to another because Jesus asks us to give. We can give time, talents, or financial assistance to others. We give from what we have received. Giving persons realize that God gives them all that they have. When giving is done cheerfully and without regrets or resentment, one is humbled and gracious and peace and love are the center of the process of giving and receiving.


Healing of Heart Ministry – Blessed and Chosen 4 Christ


Healing of Hearts Hands with cross




Mission Statement

To love and glorify God, to live a life of generosity and to encourage everyone to receive Christ's love and mercy, healing one wounded heart at a time and blessing those in need with hand-made cards.

We do this by gathering for monthly prayer to discover the love of Jesus Christ and the healing power of his mercy. We foster the healing of hearts as we help encourage one another to grow in holiness and generosity. The Healing of Hearts Ministry also offers an opportunity to create hand-made cards to bless those who are grieving and/or in need of encouragement. We welcome everyone as we all strive to put our faith into practice by living a charitable life in generosity.

Meetings are the first Saturday of the month from 9am to 11am at the Catholic Renewal Center.

Contact Information:

Renae Novak
Email: [email protected]
Website - https://blessedbycards.com/healing-of-hearts-ministry-blessed-and-chosen-4-christ/