2 Alike Ministry

2 alike

After the unexpected and tragic death of her identical twin sister Suzy, 2 alike founder Shirley found herself feeling isolated and alone. Part of her died the day Suzy passed away. Half of her was empty. She felt incomplete. Despite her best efforts, she could not find anyone who could empathize with her loss, let alone resources for siblings left behind after the loss of a multiple. 

Born out of the need for support and understanding unique to those who have experienced the loss of a multiple sibling, 2 alike is a support resource dedicated to twins, triplets, quadruplets and the like who have suffered an exceptional loss. 

While you may feel alone, you are not alone.

Let us be your foundation during this tumultuous time. We are here for you. Whether you were separated by death or other life's circumstances, we can pray with you, sit with you, listen to you or even cry with you, simply knowing someone else understands helps with the healing process.

The Multiples Prayer: 

Jesus, I come to you, to pray for myself and my departed sibling. I also pray for other multiples and their departed siblings. Dearest sibling, our unique bond has been broken with your passing into eternity. The breakage of our unique bond has left a deep void that resounds loudly throughout my entire being. A part of me is missing. I call out to you Jesus, who understands, for your help. Please bring your healing love into my deep void of loss, bringing the healing that I need. Jesus I pray your healing will enable me to move on with my life. Let your healing restore my wholeness with the hope of one day, together with my sibling, praising you for all eternity. Amen.