Jonah Prayer Ministry

Mission of Jonah Prayer Ministry

"To more fully awaken everyone to the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and their importance in empowering the ministry of bringing Christ to others through team prayer with each other in the Parish or Archdiocese."


 What is "Jonah Prayer Ministry"?

Jonah Prayer Ministry is a prayer ministry based at the parish level. The goal is for every parish to have Jonah Prayer Ministry or its equivalent. Praying over each other is an excellent way to affirm each other's faith as a community, to let the Holy Spirit heal our hurts and to open our eyes to being thankful for the truth and love in every situation that we experience.  

Jonah Prayer Ministers are people like yourself who are approved by the pastor for this ministry. Ministry members feel the call to pray for others or desire to use their spiritual gifts of prayer given to them by the Holy Spirit. After training, Jonah Prayer ministers pray in small groups with individuals who request prayer support, maintaining confidence in all matters. Ministry sessions are scheduled according to individual parish activity and with pastoral approval.

In summary, Jonah Prayer Ministry is another beautiful way that the Holy Spirit can have profound direct spiritual impact both in the parish community and in personal lives. Jonah Prayer Ministry is about being present to fellow parishioners through prayer and praying with expectant faith knowing God brings about transformation/healing/growth.

"Christ has no body now on earth but yours, No hands but yours, no feet but yours, Yours are the eyes through which is to look out Christ's compassion to the world; Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good; Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men now." -St. Teresa of Avila

Parishes with Jonah Prayer Ministry

Please see the listing - Jonah Prayer Ministry Parishes


Jonah Prayer Ministry Training Seminars

The following Jonah Prayer Ministry Training Seminars are scheduled for 2024:


One Day Training - November 2 from 9am to 4pm at the Catholic Renewal Center.  Please bring your lunch.

Two Day Training - May 4, 11 and August 10, 17 from 9am to 3pm at the Catholic Renewal Center.  Please bring your lunch.


This is an archdiocesan workshop to train prayer ministers for ministry in their parishes. Applicants will need the signature of their pastor on the application form (found below). Forms may be copied at the parish office, or call 314-731-6100.

For information about Jonah Prayer Ministry contact Tina Ferder at the Catholic Renewal Center, 314-731-6100, [email protected]     


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