High School Engagement Program

2023-24 High School Program

Each year, the Office of Catholic Education and Formation works with the Annual Catholic Appeal to administer the ACA High School Engagement Program. The objectives of the program are to educate the youth of the Archdiocese of St. Louis on the ACA’s mission to serve others, to share the good news about the Appeal, and to make each student aware of their personal responsibility to be good stewards of God’s gifts.

Contact your school administration to find out how your school participates in the following ACA High School Engagement Programs. 


ACA High School Essay Contest
  • The contest affords high school juniors in archdiocesan, parochial and private Catholic high schools an opportunity to learn more about the mission of the local Church and its ongoing efforts to improve lives throughout our archdiocese.
  • Three winners from each participating school receive a scholarship to offset their high school tuition for their senior year and are invited to attend an award ceremony with Archbishop Rozanski. A group photo of the essay award winners is published in the St. Louis Review.
  • Essay Contest Requirements
  • Award Ceremony Information for Essay Winners


ACA High School Video Contest
  • This contest is an excellent opportunity to promote the good work of the Church while learning valuable, real-world skills in marketing and video production.
  • Archbishop Rozanski makes three grants totaling $10,000 available to the archdiocesan, parochial, and private Catholic high schools that produce the best video promoting the Appeal. The winning school receives a special grant of $5,000, and the two finalist schools receive awards of $2,500.
  • The 2024 ACA theme is "For the Life of the World". However, it is not necessary that you focus on this theme. Students should feel free to be creative in finding new ways to promote the Appeal in their video.
  • Video Contest Requirements
  • 2024 Entries and Winning Videos


Student Giving Days
  • Consider incorporating a giving day into the school year, and ask your students to make a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal. Students are becoming aware of the impact of the Appeal on those in need and many have started their own creative fundraising campaigns to support the ACA.
  • If you so choose, your student body may designate their support for the ACA to one of the many ministries supported by the Appeal, and promotional efforts at the school could focus around that ministry.
  • Giving days may be done at any time during the school year. Submit any funds collected to the Office of Stewardship and the Annual Catholic Appeal; or if you are an archdiocesan or parochial high school, consider making a presentation to the ACA Council Member who attends your school’s ACA Grant Check Presentation.





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