Annual Appeal Reporting

Access Request Form for New Users

The Annual Catholic Appeal makes your parish reports available online. Through our Annual Appeal Reporting System (AAR), your parish staff or volunteers have access to a secure website which allows them to view and/or download a wide variety of reports.

These reports can be downloaded in a printable format or they can be exported to a spreadsheet. This enables your parish committee to access the information in the format most useful to them.

Some of the available reports include: 

  • Parish Progress Report.  Now your parish committee can get the most up-to-date information right when they need it.
  • Complete Parish Listing. View all potential donors in your parish, including: 
    • LYBUNTS (Last Year But Not This Year.) View those who gave to last year’s Appeal but not this year. Very useful for follow-up.
    • SYBUNTS (Some Years But Not This Year.) View those who gave to the Appeal in previous years but not this year.
    • Parish Donor Report. See who has given so far this year.

Access to the AAR system can be granted by completing the Access Request Form for New Users, obtaining the pastor’s authorization and submitting the form to the ACA office. Once a new staff member or volunteer has been added to the system, they will receive setup instructions by email.

Thank you for taking advantage of this exciting resource.