Schools' Archdiocesan Website Content

The Office of Catholic Education and Formation has been working diligently this semester to initiate elements of the new Catholic School Marketing Campaign. Included in this work is an update of all school content on the archdiocesan website.  We are updating all content and design of to reflect the latest changes we introduced earlier in the year. Included on this interactive website is a dedicated page for each school, which we intend to display in a customized, yet consistent manner.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Julie Dwyer at 314-792-7331 or

 Please fill out the requested information below and submit by FRIDAY, June 7, 2019.  

  • School Name and Social Media Links

  • Letter from the Principal

  • Mission Statement

  • Messaging Platform Description: FAITH

    How do you help your students develop a heart and mind for God?
  • Messaging Platform Description: ACADEMICS

    What are the highlights of your school's academic quality?
  • Messaging Platform Description: ENRICHMENT

    How do you ensure a welcoming community and/or dynamic future for your students?
  • "By the Numbers"

    List 4-6 statistics, highlights, and/or facts about your school (i.e. stuent/teacher ratio, enrolllment, awards, technology in the classroom, etc.). Please share QUANTIFIABLE data points to be integrated into an infographic.
  • Photo and Logo Uploads

    Compress file sizes before uploading. You may email Julie Dwyer at for assistance in reducing file sizes.
  • Filename
    • Filename