Mass Requests    

Through the Mission Office, you may request for Masses to be celebrated by priests in a mission dioceses. For many priests in mission dioceses, Mass offerings are a substantial means of day-by-day support for their ministry and the people they serve. 

Fill out our Mass Request Form or call the office to arrange for Masses to be celebrated for your intentions.

From a missionary priest:

“We know how difficult it is nowadays to source Mass Stipends and we are grateful that you always share them with us whenever they are available. We do not take this for granted. You may be pleased to know that we depend on Mass Stipends for our personal needs, and even at times for our pastoral work. So, thank you, once again, for the generosity and the untiring support.”


Mass Stipend Program

Mission dioceses and religious communities may apply for Mass stipends to distribute to priests in their diocese or religious community. Please fill out and send in the Mass Stipends application form. An official letter of suitability and documentation from your bank must be included with your application. Please verify that your banking information is accurate and complete. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we might not be able to distribute stipends for some time after you have filled out the form. We do our best to accommodate as many mission dioceses and religious communities as we can.

Diocese & religious communities are expected to follow canon laws related to the offering made for the celebration of the Mass. 

 Mass Stipends Application Form