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JUBILARIANS | Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (SSPSAP)

25th Profession

Sister Mary Gracelyn

Birth name: Jenita Palisa

Birth place: Philippines

Entrance: Jan. 7, 1993

First profession: May, 1996

Education: Bachelor's in education

Service in the archdiocese: Contemplative religious, Mount Grace Convent, 2012-present

Service outside the archdiocese: St. Joseph's Convent in Quezon City (where she entered) and Immaculata Adoration Convent in Kalibo, Aklan, both in the Philippines

Blessed Sacrament Convent, Corpus Christi, Texas, 2009-12

About Sister Mary Gracelyn: While still young, Sister Mary Gracelyn was accustomed to spend time in the church. Just being there in silence, she experienced the great love and mercy of God. So, she decided and chose to give her whole life to Him until her last breath. She currently helps in the kitchen and offers her calligraphy skills in the card department at Mount Grace Convent.

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (SSPSAP)

50th Profession

Sister Maria Goretti

Birth name: Patricia Ann Rebello

Birth place: St. Louis

Entrance: Nov. 21, 1968

First profession: Nov. 21, 1971

Education: St. Catherine of Alexandria School, St. Louis

Rosary High School, St. Louis

Service in the archdiocese: Contemplative religious, Mount Grace Convent, serving as portress and in the kitchen, 1983-present

Service outside the archdiocese: Convent of Divine Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1968-76; 1982-83

About Sister Maria Goretti: Born in North St. Louis County, Sister Maria Goretti was a member of St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish and attended Rosary High School. She visited Mount Grace Chapel at Christmas when she was 13. She saw the sisters came out for adoration from behind the altar. They wore a sheer white veil over their pink habits. It was stunning! From that moment she wanted to be a Pink Sister. Every day, it was the same, she wanted to be a Pink Sister, all through high school, then working for three years, until the day she entered on Nov. 21, 1968, at the age of 21. She experienced a profound peace upon entering the cloister.

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (SSPSAP)

50th Profession

Sister Ancilla Maria

Birth name: Maria Concepcion B. Alonzo

Birth place: Navotas, Rizal, Philippines

Entrance: Nov. 21, 1968

First profession: May 16, 1971

Education: Commerce and accounting studies, University of St. Tomas, Manila, Philippines

Service in the archdiocese: Assistant superior, portress and helping in the procure, Mount Grace Convent, St. Louis, 1994-present

Service outside the archdiocese: House official and postulant directress, Davao Community

Assigned in convents in Cebu and Tagaytay, Philippines

About Sister Ancilla Maria: Sister Ancilla Maria was accepted into the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) formation program and professed her first temporary vows on May 16, 1971. For the next six years, she was with the Generalate Secretariate as the youngest member. In 1978, she confided to her spiritual director, Jesuit Father Joseph Murphy, her inclination toward the contemplative life. Upon Father Murphy's suggestion, she visited the Adoration Convent in Hemady, Quezon City, and was advised to first pronounce her final vows with the RVM, which she did in 1981. In 1982, her petition to transfer was approved by the Vatican, and by both the RVM Generalate and the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters' Superior General. That same year, 1982, she joined the Sister Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (Pink Sisters) in Cebu, Philippines. She was transferred to Mount Grace Convent in St. Louis in 1994, where she also celebrated her silver jubilee of religious profession in 1996.

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (SSPSAP)

65th Profession

Sister Mary Jozefa

Birth name: Anna Brunenberg

Birth place: Schaeberg, Limburg, Netherlands

Entrance: May 7, 1953

First profession: November, 1956

Education: Grade school in Holland and a year of school of economics

Service in the archdiocese: Contemplative religious assigned in the printing room, kitchen, and sewing room, Mount Grace Convent, St. Louis

Service outside the archdiocese: Assigned to Soesterberg, Netherlands

Assigned to the Motherhouse in Steyl

Assigned for two years to Philadelphia Convent

About Sister Mary Jozefa: She was also a very good gold calligrapher, who was needed with the sisters' perpetual Mass card enrollments. Today, she stays in her room spending a lot of her quiet time devoted to prayer.

Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (SSPSAP)

75th Profession

Sister Mary Bertha

Birth place: Springfield, Missouri

Entrance: May, 1946

First profession: May, 1946

Education: Secondary schooling in Springfield, Missouri

Service in the archdiocese: Assigned to Mount Grace Convent in St. Louis, offering precious spiritual support to everyone through her apostolate of prayer, 2017-present

Sister Mary Bertha received her transfer to St. Louis in 2017 after past missionary assignments in other Pink Sisters convent locations in the U.S. and in Steyl, Netherlands. Due to her declining health, she is now confined to her room, offering precious spiritual support to everyone through her apostolate of prayer.

Service outside the archdiocese: Assigned to community in Philadelphia

Sister-servant in Corpus Christi, Texas

Sister-servant in Steyl, Netherlands

About Sister Mary Bertha: Her assignments included being an organist, a sister portress and working in the correspondence room.

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