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The Western Vicariate Office is one of three vicariate offices in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. A vicariate is a common Church structure which is comprised of a group of parishes within the Archdiocese that is defined by geographic region for the purposes of parish support and administration.

The Western Vicariate contains 50 parishes and is led by an episcopal vicar and two deans.  

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Very Reverend
John Brockland

Episcopal Vicar



The Western Vicariate has a vicariate team which serves parishes, providing local pastoral and administrative support.


   Laura Voegelie

    Western Vicariate Coordinator
    Main Contact
    p: 314.792.6451 | [email protected] 


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Who we serve

The Western Vicariate serves the parishes of Deanery 5 and Deanery 6. This includes the parishes of Franklin County, southern Warren County, and parishes of St. Louis County that are generally (with some exceptions) west of I-270, south of I-64 and north of I-44  and the parishes of St. Charles County (excluding Augusta), Lincoln County and Northern Warren County.

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Upcoming Events

The best way to stay up to date on upcoming events is by subscribing to the Western Vicariate's newsletter. Flyers and registration links are periodically posted here. 

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