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SUNDAY SCRIPTURES FOR JUNE 4 | Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity helps us grow in trust of God

We should continue to trust in God, the leaders that He has sent to us and God’s faithfulness to the world

“Do come along in our company.” This quote from Exodus comes from the mouth of Moses. He is being introduced to the Almighty God, and he is aware of the stiffed-necked people that he has been asked to lead. I’m wondering if each of us, in the name of the Church of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, might be able to implore God to walk with us as well. We are in the midst of a sojourn that is asking of us trust and fidelity. This isn’t blind trust and fidelity, but a choice to follow our own leader and shepherd.

As we celebrate the Holy Trinity this weekend, we acknowledge the presence of God, who has created us, saved us through love and advocates for us with wisdom and understanding. I know we have all had the experience of coming to admire and trust God, in certain circumstances of our lives. We’ve also had experiences when life has not gone the way we planned. We’ve had initial experiences of uncertainty and confusion, but hopefully they have also allowed us to grow in trust of God. Most of us find it more difficult to trust other human beings than we do to trust God.

Just like the people in the desert in Exodus, we might wonder if we should follow our leader, as the Israelites wondered if they should follow Moses. Should we listen to the leader who has been set aside for us by God? We all know the religious answer, which is yes, but have we made that faith choice to trust?

So much information has come out and will continue to come out, and so many decisions have been made. It might be wise for each of us to take some time to absorb that information, listen and let it settle within us for a moment before we make judgments. I’m so glad we’re celebrating this feast of the Holy Trinity, because it reminds us of who is really in charge of the Church. God Almighty, through His Son Jesus Christ, has established this Church in the world today. That same Holy Trinity has set aside for us leaders who are acting on the wisdom of God as best they can.

Maybe in celebration of this feast, we can ask ourselves some questions. Can God, who created the universe, help us to figure out all the details of our local archdiocese? Can the Son of God, who lived, died and rose from the dead, impart His love to us as individuals in a community, so that that love can heal whatever divisions exist among us? Can the Holy Spirit, who descended through locked doors and fearful hearts, also break into the locked doors of our minds and hearts? Can we, at this moment, choose to trust God more than we all do our own individual wisdom?

I hope you pray with me and the entire Archdiocese of St. Louis as we continue to trust God, the leaders that God has sent to us and the age-old faithfulness of God to us and to the world. I think that is a journey worth our undertaking. If you agree, pray with all your mind and heart that God will continue to lead and guide us. Pray with all your mind and heart, that each of us knows the moments to be humble and the moments to be prophetic. Pray with your whole mind and heart, especially for those whom you most disagree with. It is still the dream of God that we might all be one, united in the spirit of love.

Father Wester is pastor of All Saints Parish in St. Peters.

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