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Wednesday, 09/30/2020 at 7:00 PM

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Saturday, 10/03/2020 at 7:00 AM

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St. Louis Review advertising

How much does it cost to submit a job posting?

 The St. Louis Review charges for employment ads based on the word. The cost is $10 plus 60 cents per word. An ad that is 100 words will cost $70 per week.


Why does it say I don't have access to submit a job listing?

 Users must be logged in to submit a job opportunities posting. If you do not have an account, please contact Stephen Kempf


When is the deadline to submit an ad? 

The issues are dated Monday-Sunday, and go to press on the previous Wednesday. To be assured of inclusion in the following Monday's paper, the ad must be in by Tuesday afternoon. (So for the issue dated Monday, Sept. 17, the paper goes to press on Wednesday, Sept. 12, and employment ads must be received by Tuesday, Sept. 11).

 If the ad is received on Wednesday, we will attempt to include it in the paper, but are unable to do so in some situations.


Why are there two contact fields?

 The two groups (Submitter Information and Job Listing Information) are used for different things.

The first few fields, under the Submitter Information header, will not be displayed. Those are only in case the Review needs to contact the submitter for some reason. This person may or may not be the point of contact for job applicants. If you are logged in with a personal account, some of this information may be filled in already.

Underneath, the Job Listing Information header is all the fields that will display on the website. So that can be specific (Jane Smith, [email protected], 314 xxx-xxxx) or general (Parish Office, [email protected] etc). Whichever you prefer. The Job Title will be the main thing displayed, so make sure that is specific. The bulk of your job description and requirements will go in the Job Description field.


I want my ad to run for more than one week. How do I do that?

For right now, if you would like to run your ad for multiple weeks, please email [email protected] with the number of weeks you'd like the ad to run. The procedure may change in the future.


If you have any further questions, please contact Stephen Kempf 

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