Emotional Wellness

Patrick Dotson, MA, M.Div, LPC, CEAP
is the Emotional Wellness Coordinator.

His services are contracted through your medical/mental health provider, Mercy Health Services.

The Emotional Wellness Program provides short term counseling services to help with a broad range of issues including stress, grief, anxiety and depression, aging relatives, addictions, anger,
and coping with illness.

For priests who require more specialized or intense care, Patrick will help arrange care with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors or at facilities as needed through your medical benefits (a co-pay is required).

The Mercy Priests’ Assistance Program (PAP) is a completely CONFIDENTIAL service that is FREE of charge to you.  This is a contracted service through Mercy Health Services (your medical benefit) and is NOT individually billed to PMBS... neither your name or the nature of service is revealed. 

Please contact Patrick Dotson, MA, M.Div, LPC, CEAP,
for more information. Phone: 314-729-4483 or 1-855-637-2932
E-mail: [email protected]

All services are strictly confidential and meet all HIPAA guidelines.



Priests' Assistance Program and Mental Health Benefit Information

The Priests' Assistance Program (PAP) provides short term counseling services to help when circumstances become overwhelming and you just need a professional to talk with. 

The PAP provides short term counseling services to help with a broad range of issues including (but not limited to):

Stress, Grief, Anger, Aging Relatives, Ansiety, Depression, Coping with Illness, the stress and anxiety that can accompany changing parishes.

For priests who require more specialized care, a PAP counselor will help arrange care through your medical benefit.

If you have questions or inquiries about Mental Health in-network referrals, contact Patrick Dotson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (314-729-4483)

Unless your services are covered under your Medicare benefit
ALL Mental Health Claims are to be forwarded to:

 Patrick Dotson - Mercy Mental Health Services
1000 DesPeres, Suite 200C
St. Louis, Mo. 63131