Peace and Justice Commission


Mission Statement

The Peace & Justice Commission answers the command of Jesus Christ to respond to systemic injustice by building a more just community that strengthens the family and promotes human dignity for the common good in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.



In May 2015, Archbishop Carlson appointed 27 individuals to serve as members of the Commission.  The Commission is comprised of a diverse group of 18 men and nine women.  Members of the Commission include lay persons, clergy, religious sisters, police officers, attorneys, and educators.  Marie Kenyon is the director of the Peace and Justice Commission.

The Commission will develop its priorities by looking at how issues affecting our region specifically impact the family.  As Catholics we believe as Pope Francis states “the family is the fundamental cell of society, where we learn to live with others despite our differences and belong to one another.”  By working to help strengthen the family, the Commission hopes to help build stronger communities and a peaceful and just region and world.

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