Policies and Procedures


Courses are for two credits unless otherwise indicated.  Courses with fewer than 10 registered are subject to cancellation.

Registration is $130.00 per credit-hour and $70.00 per audit-hour, with an addi­tional $10.00 late regis­tration fee.
Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks on their own.  See course descriptions for any required texts.

Cancellation of classes due to bad weather will be announced on our website at www.archstl.org/paul6

To withdraw from a course, students must contact the Paul VI office by phone or email. While it is a good idea to inform the instructor, students are not officially withdrawn until they contact the Paul VI office.

For online courses students will have until the end (Friday) of the first week, (February 15, 2019) , after the course is scheduled to withdraw from the course with a full refund.   At that time, any students (who have not logged on the course and made their presence and participation known to the instructor) will be removed from the class list. 

For classroom classes students will have until the end (Friday) of the first week, (February 15, 2019), after the course is scheduled to withdraw with a full refund.   If a student does not show up for their first class, they will be removed from the class list.

For both online and classroom classes once a student has been removed from the class list they will not receive any refund if they have not requested to withdraw before that time.   Students who do not withdraw but fail to complete a course, will receive a failing grade, unless they have contacted the instructor and made arrangements for an incomplete.   All incompletes must be completed within 4 weeks or the incomplete grade becomes an F.

will be mailed only at the written request of the student. There is a $4.00 fee for this service.   Please send requests to:  PONTIFICAL PAUL VI INSTITUTE, 20 Archbishop May Dr., St. Louis, MO 63119-5738            (314) 792-7454


Certifications are NOT automatically issued. Once you have completed all courses for any of the certification programs, please call 314-792-7454 or email paul6 and ask to have your transcript forwarded to Dr. Barbara Blackburn.