Policies and Procedures

Courses are for two credits unless otherwise noted.

Course Schedules
To receive course schedules via email, fill out a subscription request.

Course Cancellations
Courses with fewer than 10 students registered are subject to cancellation.

Registration is $120 per credit-hour and $70 per audit-hour.

Required texts are listed with the course description. Students are responsible for purchasing texts prior to the beginning of the course.

Any class missed must be made up to the satisfaction of the instructor. Students who miss more than one class will not receive credit for the course.

 To withdraw from a course, students must contact the Paul VI Office by phone or email. While it is a good idea to inform the instructor, students are not officially withdrawn until they contact the Paul VI Office.

Students withdrawing within the first two weeks of an online course or the first two class sessions of a classroom course are entitled to a full refund for tuition or credit toward a future registration. (The first week of an online course, for logging on to the course, labeled as "orientation week" by some online instructors, counts as the first week in reference to this withdrawal policy.)

There is no refund for withdrawal after two weeks (for online courses) or two class sessions (for traditional classroom courses). Students who withdraw after this time will receive a grade of WP (withdraw passing) or WF (withdraw failing). Students who do not withdraw but fail to complete a course, will receive a failing grade, unless they have contacted the instructor and made arrangements for an incomplete. All incompletes must be completed within 4 weeks or the incomplete grade becomes an F.

Transcripts will be mailed only at the written request of the student. There is a $4 fee for this service. Transcript Request Form.


Certifications are NOT automatically issued. Once you have completed all courses for any of the certification programs, complete and submit the Certification Request Form.