Current Schedule

Paul VI Institute will not be offering courses this summer because the Office of Catholic Education and Formation has formed a partnership with the University of Dayton “Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation”   The VLCFF is an e-learning initiative that supports adult faith formation, in addition to catechist and lay ecclesial leadership formation in the Church.

Over 45 courses are available online. These include Scripture, Christology, Ecclesiology, Sacraments, Catholic Beliefs, Media Education, Catholic Social and Prayer; to name just a few.  Courses run for 3-6 weeks and are capped at 15 participants. They are password protected and run by credentialed facilitators. 

Classes are open to any interested adult and may be applied toward certification requirements. Because our diocese is a VLCFF Partner, your cost is only $50.00 per course, plus the cost of text.  

    1. Go to:
    2. Find "Become a new student". It may be at the bottom of the page.
    3. See “New Student: Create a profile.” Select this link and follow the instructions. Be sure to select the Archdiocese of St. Louis to receive the partnership price ($50) for the course. Be sure to list your school parish in your profile. This will allow us to bill your parish.
    4. When finished you will be asked if you want to register for a class.  If you say “yes” it will give you a list of classes that are coming up in the next cycle.
    5. Click on register.
    6. The payment code is 2020StLouis
  • Requirements for Basic Catechist Certification and VLCFF course equivalent
  • Survey of Catholic Doctrine is equivalent to ST101
  • Sacraments is equivalent to LT101
  • Intro to Christian Morality is equivalent to MT101            
  • Intro to Scripture is equivalent to SS101
  • Intro to Prayer is equivalent to SP187
  • Intro to Catechesis is equivalent to RE174