The Wonder of Eve

Wonder of Eve Presentation

for high school girls

The Wonder of Eve is a fresh and engaging presentation, helping young women understand how naturally amazing their bodies are and the impact their choices can have on their future health and fertility.

The Wonder of Eve covers:

  • the marvelous design and function of the female body and reproductive system/menstrual cycles
  • brief introduction to tracking cycles—a unique approach to women’s healthcare, no matter the stage in life
  • ways to take good care of yourself now, to benefit you in the future.

Presentation specifics:

  • geared towards high school girls
  • aligned with Catholic teaching and values 
  • presented by a physician, registered nurse, or FertilityCare professional
  • 60-minute presentation including Q&A
  • projector and screen required for inperson or virtual presentation
  • offered by the Archdiocese of St. Louis Office of NFP
To book now for your school or youth group, call the Office of NFP 314-997-7576.


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Wonder of Eve Testimonials

“The presentation was excellent. The girls were very receptive and seemed engaged. The content was great and was presented in a very approachable way. [The presenter did] a fantastic job breaking things down in a way that makes sense to high schoolers. I loved the way she has memes thrown in there and it was excellent to show teens what hormone contraceptives do and how they can be an abortifacient. It was very factual and informational at times but never so far over their heads that they couldn't get it. It was presented in an excellent way! Thank you so much for making a presentation that was approachable for teens. It was awesome! I have recommended it to others. It really has already helped our teens!  I am so grateful!”  
- Beth Throm, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Imperial, MO

“A number of our female teachers, along with our principal, vice principal, counselor, and chaplain all sat in on the presentation and were really impressed with the information and the way it was presented. Sometimes, when teaching in a high school, it is refreshing to have an outside voice come and say the same things we have been saying, but in a way that the girls will actually hear and respond. I will attest to the need of something like this in every high school and the beauty with which it was presented.” 
- Sister M. Bridget Martin, FSGM The High School of St. Thomas More, Champaign, IL

Beauty of Eve Presentation

for women 18+ years old

BoE-Graphic-comp JPG


The Beauty of Eve is a powerful presentation about how wonderful and marvelous the design and function of the female body truly is. It helps women appreciate and advocate for their own gynecologic health. It empowers women to know how tracking their cycle can greatly benefit their health by identifying potential problems and how tracking can be a natural alternative to the birth control pill.

To book now for your College group, MOPS, or other women's groups, call the Office of NFP 314-997-7576.