Wonder of Eve

for High School Girls

The Wonder of Eve is a fresh and engaging presentation, helping young women understand how naturally amazing their bodies are and the impact their choices can have on their future health and fertility.

The Wonder of Eve covers:

  • the marvelous design and function of the female body and reproductive system/menstrual cycles
  • brief introduction to tracking cycles—a unique approach to women’s healthcare, no matter the stage in life
  • ways to take good care of yourself now, to benefit you in the future.


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Beauty of Eve

for women 18+y.o.

The Beauty of Eve is a powerful presentation about how wonderful and marvelous the design and function of the female body truly is. It helps women appreciate and advocate for their own gynecologic health. It empowers women to know how tracking their cycle can greatly benefit their health by identifying potential problems and how tracking can be a natural alternative to the birth control pill.




Theology of the Body

Piloted in 2003, this program is available to area High Schools for thier senior students. The program provides five sessions in a one day format that cover fertility care, church documents on life, concepts of Theology of the Body, a young couple speaking and witnessing on chastity, video, factual information regarding the consequences of not following Church teaching, secondary virginity and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

An Afternoon for Mother and Daughters

A bi-annual event that provides an atmosphere of love and learning to discuss fertility and to promote communication between mother and daughter. The programs emphasize respect, understanding and appreciation for God's gift of sexuality as well as age-appropriate information on the function of the female reproductive system.

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Father/Son Facts and Fun

This event focuses on growing up and the importance of communication between father and son. The program consists of a physician, fathers and a teen panel. The panel members will answer questions and discuss the importance of respect, understanding and appreciating God's gift of sexuality.

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