Adoption Grant Awardee Stories

A Beautiful Thing: An Adoption Story

Time is a reflection of God’s mysterious ways. Considered one of the few constants of our cosmic existence, time can be encountered so subjectively that people can have multiple perceptions of the very same moment. 

So it was with Michael and Jamie LaBelle, a Catholic husband and wife of four years. One year prior, they had met with an adoption agency for the first time, unsure of how smoothly or how quickly this process would unfold. Now they were fully fledged parents, holding their daughter Gianna on her first day of life. 

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Adoption: The Gift that keeps Giving

From the very early days of their marriage, both Michael Anthony and Danielle knew that God was calling them to be open to life and to lovingly welcome children into their home. They were greatly saddened when they learned they were suffering from infertility, only several months into their marriage. After utilizing the skill of many teachers and physicians trained in Natural Family Planning, they were blessed to conceive in 2010. However, that pregnancy ended in miscarriage. 

After that miscarriage, Michael Anthony and Danielle knew that the time was right to pursue adoption. During their dating years they had talked about this possibility but thought that God was calling them to have biological children first and then adopt later. However, God had revealed to them a much more wonderful plan. They were called to adopt first. In mid-2011, they were blessed to bring home their beautiful adopted daughter, Grace.
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Blessings Times Four

Like many couples, Beth and Eric L. dreamed of marriage and starting a family. Looking back, the road to achieve that dream would have been hard to imagine, but the hand of God is clearly recognizable in their beautiful story.

Today the busy family of six, relies on God’s providence more clearly than ever, as four rambunctious, fun loving boys bring equal measures of fun, love and chaos into their sunny Affton home, “We encounter all the normal issues of family life, but we feel really intensely joyful that our family has grown beyond our wildest dreams,” said Beth about their active brood.

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Waiting for Sabella

I have been a Christian since childhood, but nothing would test my faith more than losing my children. My faith was truly tested when my husband and I lost 7 children to miscarriage and then lost our son after his short visit on earth. I prayed that if I did get pregnant, the Lord would allow me to hold our baby in my arms. The Lord answered my prayer on September 7, 2010, I was able to hold Simon in my arms for 88.5 days until he went to his eternal home at 10:45am on Friday, December 3, 2010. Simon taught me so much. The Lord used Simon to teach me how to live in the moment, patience, compassion and most importantly unconditional love.

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