Infertility And Adoption

The Archdiocesan Office of Natural Family Planning offers several ministries to assist those dealing with infertility and hoping to achieve a pregnancy as well as families seeking to grow through adoption. 


Enkindle Infertility Support Ministry


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Couples facing problems with fertility don't have to walk this journey alone. Faith tells us that our lives are ultimately in God's hands. Along our way, he sends us help in carrying our burdens. As you workd toward acceptance of this challenge, our Enkindle infertility counseling ministry is her to offer hope while seeking peace. Call us for a free half-hour appointment to speak with a licensed professional counselor in person or over the phone. To find out more about this program or make your appointment, call 314-997-7576.

NaPro Technology: A Proven, Successful Approach to Naturally Achieving Pregnancy

Natural Family Planning has other applications in addition to avoiding a pregnancy or spacing children. For example, couples who struggle with infertility have been successful in achieving pregnancies even after artificial reproductive technologies were recommeded elsewhere and have failed them. Women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, migraine headaches and other reproductive health problems also have been helped. For more information on this new branch of science, click on the following link: NaProTECHNOLOGY: The Contemporary Approach to Women’s Health Care.


Adoption Grant Opportunity

The Office of Natural Family Planning is proud to announce that The Archbishop Robert J. Carlson Adoption Grant awarded over $34,000 to 6 families in 2020. Included in these 6 families is the Abril family. The Abril family adopted Baby Philomena and you can read their story here.

Since it's inception in 2009, the ARJC Grant has awarded over $234,000 total to 41 grant recipients. This grant, offered through the Archdiocesan Office of Natural Family Planning, is available to couples who want to build their family through this loving choice. According to The, the average cost of private adoption through an agency is over $40,000. The grant helps adoptive parents offset some of the cost of adding their new child to their family through adoption. 

The grant is funded primarily through private donations and fundraising. To make a donation, please contact the office or donate here.

For more information about the grant, contact the Office of Natural Family Planning at 314-997-7576 or email [email protected]

Grant applications are due every November 1.

Download Adoption GranT Application and Policies

Adoption:  A Loving Alternative

Couples wishing to open their homes and families to a child through adoption are invited to contact Good Shepherd Children and Family Services (also known as Catholic Services for Children & Youth). The Catholic Charities agency has worked in the St. Louis Area for more than 200 years offering foster and adoptive care assistance as well as many other services for families. Visit the agency online at or call 314-854-5700.

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