True Love - Just for fairy tales?

It’s a fallen world. Some use sex for self indulgent entertainment. Other’s see it as part of a relationship. But a love that lasts for a life time, seems unattainable. Either we will divorce or become incurably bored.

Really? No. The source of all love is God and He has a design. A design for happiness and love. Growing in the virtue of chastity is what keeps the love real, genuine. It keeps us focused on truly loving someone rather than being driven by selfish desires.
NFP is a tool that serves chastity within marriage.

Some think you need a “crazy good” marriage to live with NFP. Good marriages don’t just happen. They must be built. NFP isn’t a magic wand, but it is an effective tool for growing in virtue, putting love before sexual desire and living with the knowledge that sexual expression of love is a sacred act. With NFP the couple lives intentionally with the knowledge that this expression of love, with God’s help, produces a new unrepeatable image of God. 


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Learn all of the Marriage Preparation requirements in the Archdiocese of St.Louis.

An Introductory course in one of the five methods of NFP is required for marriage prep. We suggest you schedule it 6-12 months prior to your wedding.


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