Parish Ambassadors

What Does a Natural Family Planning Parish Ambassador Do?

As a Parish Ambassador, you will serve as the liaison between our office and your parish community – helping to make sure more Catholic families know about the value and benefit of using NFP.

The mission of the NFP Parish Ambassadors program is to serve as a liaison between parishes and the Office of NFP, to raise awareness and dispel misconceptions about NFP, to meet people where they are at, and to connect people to resources and NFP users.

A Parish Ambassador for NFP has three major responsibilities:

  1. To assist your pastor in any way he would like NFP highlighted in your parish.
  2. To keep your parish informed of NFP events and information.
  3. To help build the Kingdom of Heaven by building NFP community.

Some activities may include:

  • Submitting monthly bulletin announcements to your parish bulletin
  • Working with your parish's Respect Life Committee, Parish Council, Knights of Columbus, Marriage Prep Teachers and RCIA classes
  • Sharing your own NFP success story with other couples or groups (although this is not necessary to be a Parish Ambassador)
  • Praying the Rosary for your parish's NFP mission


If you think you might be interested in supporting the mission of NFP at your local parish, please contact Kirsten Dempsey