NFP vs. Contraception

Comparison Graphic: NFP vS. Contraception



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 The graphic above compares the data for natural family planning methods and various contraception methods on the points of:

  • possible side effects
  • harmful to future fertility
  • percent effectiveness avoiding pregnancy with proper teaching
  • use of the method, and
  • which partner is responsible for the use of the method.

download the NFP vs. Contraception graphic


Comprehensive Comparison Data: NFP vs. Contraception

This is as a more comprehensive and in-depth data comparison of NFP and various forms of contraception plus the resources as compiled by Peter Danis, MD, Family Physician, Certified FertilityCare Medical Consultant, and Gavin Puthoff, MD, OBGYN, Certified FertilityCare Medical Consultant, 2019.

download the Comprehensive Comparison Chart


Dozen Differences - NFP vs. Contraception

This is an easy list comparing the primary differences between natural family planning and contraception.

download dozen differences between nfp and contraception



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