Missionary Plan of Cooperation

"Since they are members of the Church by virtue of their Baptism, all Christians share responsibility for missionary activity. 'Missionary cooperation' is the expression used to describe the sharing by communities and individual Christians in this right and duty.

 Missionary cooperation is rooted and lived, above all, in personal union with Christ. Only if we are united to him as the branches to the vine (cf. Jn 15:5) can we produce good fruit."

Pope St. John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio, 77


2022 Missionary Plan of Cooperation (MPC)



2021 Missionary Plan of Cooperation (MPC)

Due to the cancellation of in-person appeals for 2020, missionary groups who were accepted into the 2020 Missionary Plan of Cooperation were invited back for the 2021 Missionary Plan of Cooperation. In-person appeals will be held between May and September, adhering to local COVID restrictions and guidelines. If an in-person appeal must be cancelled, a virtual appeal should take its place.  Each missionary has been asked to prepare a print version of their appeal, including any photos or video, which can be used to conduct an appeal via your parish website, bulletin, or social media if they cannot speak in-person.

 MPC Parish Assignments


About the Program

One of the most important missionary education, animation, and support programs is the Missionary Plan of Cooperation.  Each year, the Mission Office accepts applications from missionary groups and dioceses to speak at parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Louis. These groups and dioceses make an appeal for their missionary cause and ask for the parishioners' prayers and financial support. Through this program, parishioners also learn more about the missionary work of the Church, which leads to a better understanding of our baptismal calling to share in the mandate of Our Lord: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." (Matthew 28:20) By praying with the missionary and by sharing in the celebration of the Mass, parishioners join their prayers with those of the missionaries and the people they serve.


Program Guidelines

  • Appeals must be scheduled NOT LATER THAN MARCH 31st with the Parish Pastor.
  • Appeals may not be scheduled on the following 2021 blackout date weekends, due to other archdiocesan collections taking place:

Catholic Communication Campaign                         May 16th 

Catholic Home Missions                                           May 23rd                                    

Glennon Sunday                                                       June 6th                             

Peter's Pence                                                            June 27th                                    

Catholic University of America                                  September 5th                                 

Missionary Priests: Apply for preaching and confession faculties by sending your Certificate of Aptitude to:

Msgr. Jerome Billing, Chancellor for Canonical Affairs
Cardinal Rigali Center
20 Archbishop May Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63119

Completion of this form is necessary to be in compliance with the United States' Conference of Catholic Bishops' Charter called: "Respecting God's Children." 

Religious or Lay Persons: The Director of the Missionary Society should send a letter of suitability to make the appeal on behalf of the Missionary Society. The letter should be sent to:

Kim Specht
Mission Office
20 Archbishop May Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63119

Members of mission-sending societies of Religious or Lay Persons may not preach. They may give a personal witness talk after the prayer after communion. Only an ordained Bishop, Priest, or Deacon with preaching faculties may preach in the Archdiocese of Saint Louis.