Parenting and Family Life

Events & Programs

Compassion Group - Sanctuary - (For All Family Members Who Are Dealing With Mental Illness)

Please join us if you are interested in coming together to share, heal, and discover what God, Scripture, and the Church have to say in light of the experiences of mental health challenges. The Catholic Renewal Center is offering monthly meetings the third Tuesday of the month 7pm to 9pm starting September 21, 2021. The meetings will take place at the Catholic Renewal Center 1406 S. Sappington Rd., St. Louis 63126. This group is facilitated by Fr. Dan Shaughnessy. Please register with Jane Guenther at [email protected] or at 314.792.7734.

Leading and Loving - Family Honor

Leading and Loving is a program for parents of young children (birth-5th grade) presented by Family Honor trained presenters from our Archdiocese. The program's goal is to create an individual plan for purposeful parenting in your family. 

  • How do I help my child be good?
  • Help your young children cultivate Catholic virtues and values
  • Importance of parental role modeling
  • Helps answer the questions "Who am I?" and "Why was I created?"


EnCourage is a ministry within Courage to support those who suffer from same-sex attraction, and is dedicated to the spiritual needs of parents, siblings, children, other relatives and friends of persons who have same-sex attractions. EnCourage members support one another and their loved ones through discussion, prayer and fellowship. In the St. Louis area, contact Fr. Ralph Houlihan, SJ at 314.792.7993. (Please allow 24 to 48 hours for a return call.)

Missionaries of the Holy Family is a worldwide, Roman Catholic religious order of over 900 priests and brothers, faithful to Jesus Christ and His Vicar, emphasizing the Holy Family as the standard of holiness for all families. These missionaries also help laypeople discern their vocation, religious or secular, in caring for the family.

National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers
The National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM) is an organization for parish members and staff, religious educators, clergy and Archdiocesan employees who are interested in promoting and nurturing family life in all of its shapes and sizes. NACFLM offers a monthly email newsletter with family life information and resources. Sign up to receive this by emailing [email protected].  



Boys Should Be Boys - Meg Meeker
Dr. Meg Meeker, bestselling author of Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, follows up her success with Boys Should Be Boys—a guide for parents on how to raise a strong son in these turbulent times.

The 5 Love Languages of Children - Gary Chapman & Ross Campbell
Discover your child's primary language and learn what you can do to effectively convey unconditional feelings of respect, affection, and commitment that will resonate in your child's emotions and behavior.

The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret of Loving Teens Effectively - Gary Chapman
Get equipped to be a better parent as The Five Love Languages of Teenagers explores the world in which teenagers live, explains the developmental changes, and gives tools to help you identify and appropriately communicate in your teen's love language.

Catholic Education: Homeward Bound - Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson
Two experienced home schooling moms present a very thorough, balanced and practical guide to both the merits of home education, as well as the important ideas, resources and curriculums to home school.

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum - Laura M. Berquist
Home educator Laura Berquist presents a modern curriculum based on the time-tested philosophy of the classical Trivium—grammar, logic, and rhetoric. She has given homeschoolers a valuable tool for putting together a “liberal arts” curriculum which feeds the soul, as well as the intellect. Her approach, covering grades K-12, is detailed and practical, and it is adaptable by parents and teachers to any situation.

Family Matters: A Bible Study on Marriage and Family - Curtis and Michaelann Martin
In this book, Curtis and Michaelann present ideas on how to build a happy and holy marriage while drawing upon their own family experiences.

Handbook for Today's Catholic Family - A Redemptorist Pastoral Publication
Now more than ever, building a strong foundation is vital to faith formation, and this begins in the home. No family should be without the Handbook for Today's Catholic Family, the perfect tool for transforming life together into an experience of peace and joy. 

Parenting with Grace: The Catholic Parents' Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Kids - Gregory & Lisa Popcak
This book guides parents through each stage of child development, from infancy through adolescence, offering additional age-specific advice on "parenting with grace."

Raising Pure Teens - Jason Evert & Chris Stefanick
Once you read Raising Pure Teens, you’ll realize you’re not alone in bringing these beautiful truths to your teens—and you won’t be alone as you help them implement these teachings in their own lives. 

 Saints and Me!: Saints for Families Collection - Barbara Yoffie                                                                       Author and longtime elementary educator Barbara Yoffie helps young readers, aged 3 to 8, develop their understanding of saints as real-life heroes and heroines who live all around us and inspire us to become more like Christ. 

 Why Children Matter - Johann Christoph Arnold
As Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan writes in his foreword to the book, “In an age where both the importance and definition of family seem to be under constant attack from all sides, my friend Johann Christoph Arnold provides a much-needed perspective on marriage and an approach to child rearing that is at once time-tested and completely up-to-date, and solidly grounded in faith…As the fabric of family and society is challenged, he offers up concrete steps to bolster and encourage those parents who want to pass on to their children the values their parents gave them.”  The author's wisdom "reminds us of what we have lost in a clear and simple way," says Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.



Counting Your Blessings - Dr. Scott Hahn
Dr. Scott Hahn explains the essential teachings from God's Word regarding the theology and practice of Catholic family life based on the image of the Blessed Trinity, demonstrating that God's Word is all that is needed to create a loving family life.

Discipline that Lasts a Lifetime - Dr. Ray Guarendi
Dr. Ray is a psychologist, radio talk show host, husband, and a father to 10 adopted children. He explains that what is needed to raise well-adjusted children who are prepared to succeed in life in today's challenging environment is uncommonly good parenting.

A Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Kids - Gregory and Lisa Popcak
Why don't kids come with an instruction manual? Actually, they do! In this packed presentation filled with humor and easy-to-apply practical examples, Dr. Gregory & Lisa Popcak and Dr. Ray Guarendi help you discover your own God-given instruction manual for creating an effective and life-changing parenting plan for your children.

How to Apply Our Faith to Our Families - Kimberly Hahn
Well-known speaker and author Kimberly Hahn is the wife of Dr. Scott Hahn and mother of six children. With simplicity, grace, and wit, she shares her personal experiences and practical insights on how to apply the truths of our Faith to everyday life. In this stimulating talk, she offers rich food for thought and concrete ways to let the Lord be the top priority in our family's daily life.

How to Keep Your Kids Catholic - Ken Hensley
In a heartfelt and truly practical presentation, former Baptist minister Ken Hensley reveals effective strategies to help keep our kids within the fold of the Catholic Church. Drawing on personal experience and centuries of Catholic spiritual wisdom, he shares timeless, real-world advice we can readily use. His insights set us on the road to more effective and successful parenting.

Parenting for Purity - Jason Evert
Do you want to be the #1 influence in your teen's sexual behavior? In this presentation, Jason Evert provides parents with 10 powerful strategies to safeguard the innocence of their children and effectively communicate the benefits and beauty of chastity to their family.

Raising Amazing Children - Matthew Kelly
Have you ever asked yourself, "What does God want for my family?" The family is the cornerstone of society, but raising a family in today's culture is more challenging than ever. Matthew Kelly shows how the questions we ask as parents may be more important than the answers.  



Catholic Parenting (USCCB) - Parenting may seem like an endless series of challenges:  instilling Christian values and virtues, balancing home and work responsibilities, maintaining the marital relationship - and perhaps even caring for their own parents.

Familiaris Consortio (On the Family) - St. John Paul II

Kids 4 Jesus - Children and parents learn fun ways to connect faith and everyday life

One More Soul - Non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the truth about the blessings of children and the harms of contraception.

Pray More Novenas - Pass on the faith! Catholic families have a long tradition of praying novenas to favorite saints. Sign up is free and you will receive a reminder email every day during the novena with the prayer for the day. Join with thousands of others to Pray More Novenas.