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JUBILARIANS | Sisters of Divine Providence

Sisters of Divine Providence (CDP)

60th Entrance

Sister Hilary Hooks

Entrance: 1961

Service in the archdiocese: Liturgist in St. Louis, 1998-2007

Service outside the archdiocese: Elementary school teacher for 25 years

Director of La Posada Providencia, a refugee shelter, San Benito, Texas, 1989-95

Director of senior center, Ascension of the Lord Parish in the Dominican Republic, 2007-09

Pastoral associate, St. Helen Parish, Jackson, Mississippi, 2010

Adjunct ESL instructor, St. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, 2011-13

ESL instructor, La Roche University, Pittsburgh, 2013-18

Co-director of Charity House, a refugee shelter, Pittsburgh, 2018-20

Community service for the Sisters of Divine Providence, 2020-present

About Sister Hilary Hooks: She entered the Sisters of Divine Providence from Ascension Parish in Chesterfield. She was most influenced to enter religious life by her grandmother, who was very prayerful, and by the life of St. Frances Cabrini. Self-described as tenacious, helpful and a lover of birds, Sister Hilary enjoys making baskets. She said, "The night of December 1, 1989, our first refugee, a woman from El Salvador, came through the door of La Posada Providencia. As she was visibly cold and frightened, I quickly warmed up some soup and invited her to sit down and eat. As we engaged in conversation, the woman began to relax when she suddenly exclaimed with great feeling that that day was the feast of Divine Providence in El Salvador. I couldn't help but feel deeply moved and think that this was a confirmation for the Sisters of Divine Providence having made a good decision to serve refugees desperately looking for safety outside of their countries."

Sisters of Divine Providence (CDP)

60th Entrance

Sister Ann Pairn

Entrance: 1961

Service in the archdiocese: Provincial Council, St. Louis, 1996-01

Staff nurse in area hospitals

Chaplaincy work and student supervisor, Saint Louis University Hospital, 2001-03

Home caregiver for the elderly for CSJ Care, St. Louis

Coordinated moves of provincial offices in St. Louis and Room at the Inn, St. Louis

Coordinated the renovation of Providence Center

Committee that coordinated the restructuring of the Congregation's three provinces into the Marie de la Roche Province

Midwest area liaison for the Congregation, 2020-present

Service outside the archdiocese: Provincial Council, Pittsburgh, 2007-11

Missioner for five years in the northern Andes Mountains of Peru

English teacher for two years in the St. Joseph Province located in South Korea

About Sister Ann Pairn: Self-described as curious, creative and adventurous, Sister Ann entered religious life from her home parish in St. Louis. She said, "Since childhood, I was drawn to the women religious I met -- nurses and teachers who generously chose to help others. That was also what I was learning that Jesus did in the Gospel stories. By eighth grade, I met several Sisters of Divine Providence and it was Sister Mary John Papava who affirmed the goodness and freedom in me to choose my vocation and explore the call to religious life."

Sisters of Divine Providence (CDP)

65th Entrance

Sister Agnes Marie Geringer

Entrance: 1956

Service in the archdiocese: The better part of Sister Agnes Marie's ministry was in food service, Mount Providence motherhouse, St. Louis, 1959-89

Child care, St. Mary's Special School, St. Louis, 1989-98

Service outside the archdiocese: Local director, St. Elizabeth's, Granite City, Illinois, 1992-2002

Local director, St. Clare's Villa, Alton, Illinois, 2002-20

Prayer ministry, Providence Heights, Pittsburgh, 2020-present

About Sister Agnes Marie Geringer: Sister Agnes Marie entered religious life from Corpus Christi Parish in St. Louis. Her aunt Sister Justina, a Sister of St. Joseph, is the person who most influenced her decision to enter religious life, as she admired her and wanted to be like her. Self-described as happy, faithful, caring, kind and prayerful, Sister Agnes Marie enjoys rosary making and simply relaxing with her fellow sisters. Holy Mass and Communion are the center point of her life. Sister Agnes Marie used to prepare the 200 loaves of bread needed for St. Elizabeth Medical Center's Bread Day. The first Bread Day at St. Elizabeth's was in March 1975 in celebration of the governing board's decision to refer to all employees as associates. Associates were treated to complimentary bread and tubs of whipped honey-butter on Valentine's Day, Holy Thursday and the feast day of St. Elizabeth. The significance of Bread Day was twofold -- it employed the symbolic act of breaking bread with the hospital family and it was done in memory of St. Elizabeth, the patron saint of the medical center who was known for distributing bread to the poor. The opportunity to serve special needs students was the aspect of Sister Agnes Marie's religious life that she has found most rewarding.

Sisters of Divine Providence (CDP)

65th Entrance

Sister Mary Michael McCulla

Entrance: 1956

Education: Nursing degree

Master's degree in geriatric nursing, Saint Louis University, 1986

Service in the archdiocese: Ministering with Cardinal Ritter Institute for one year

Alzheimer's research at Washington University in St. Louis for four years

Geriatric rehabilitation with Saint Louis University's Department of Geriatric Medicine

Parish nurse in St. Louis, 2016-19

Service outside the archdiocese: Elementary school teacher for seven years

Nurse, St. Elizabeth Medical Center, Granite City, Illinois

ESL teacher in South Korea, 2014-16

Community's area administrator, Kingston, Massachusetts, 2019-present

About Sister Mary Michael McCulla: Sister Mary Michael was living in Nevada when she inquired about religious life with the Sisters of Divine Providence, and remembers receiving personal letters from the late Sister Mary Philip Hampton. It was this personal touch that influenced her decision to join the community. Self-described as grateful, Sister Mary Michael believes she lives the mission of the community by making Providence more visible in our world through the healing ministry, in imitation of Jesus the Healer.

Sisters of Divine Providence (CDP)

65th Entrance

Sister Emily (Sister Mary Timothy) Meehan

Entrance: 1956

Service in the archdiocese: Elementary teacher, Mount Providence Boarding School for Boys, Normandy, Missouri 1971-74; 1979-84

Elementary teacher, St. John Lateran School, Imperial

Pastoral ministry with the elderly and homebound, St. Christopher Parish, Florissant, 2004-05

Pastoral ministry with the elderly and homebound, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish, Florissant, 2006-20

Service outside the archdiocese: Elementary teacher, Divine Providence School, Westchester, Illinois, 1962-67; 1971-72; 1989-2000

Elementary teacher, St. Mary's School, Madison, Illinois

Elementary teacher, St. Elizabeth School, Granite City, Illinois

Elementary teacher, St. Mary's School, Brussels, Illinois

Elementary teacher, St. Peter and Paul School, Collinsville, Illinois

About Sister Emily Meehan: Sister Emily entered religious life from St. Mark Parish in Venice, Illinois. She always loved God and wanted to work as a religious. She recalls, "My parents were devout Catholics who had a deep respect for the sisters. I was taught by the Sisters of Divine Providence, and also had an older sister who had already entered the community. All these reasons influenced my decision to enter religious life." She said, "Providence for me is a deep trust in a loving God who cares for us and all creation. I see myself making God's Providence more visible in my daily life through my loving care for others, my welcoming smile and my ready spirit to serve all God's people." Self-described as thoughtful, friendly and approachable, Sister Emily enjoys playing iPad and card games, especially pinochle, walks and phone calls to homebound people.

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