A light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it

This Advent and Christmas season, we want to help you share in the Joy that comes from knowing Jesus. 


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This year has been hard. At times, it may feel impossible to find a glimmer of hope, much less joy. But even in the darkness, we can find peace—and through peace, hope—in the gift that God has given us: Jesus Christ.
While the things of this world can bring us fleeting moments of happiness or sadness, He is the source of true and enduring joy. Click below to learn more.


A gift doesn’t have much value if we don’t open it. So too with the gift of faith. Click below to let us help you to prepare your heart and to help get you connected to a parish to find out about the Christmas liturgies near you.


We can’t keep this gift to ourselves. We’re called to share the gift of faith in word and in deed- by proclaiming the love of God to others and by caring for the least among us. Click below  to find out how you can get involved.