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Victim Assistance Coordinator

Organization: Archdiocese of St. Louis
Part Time

Position Summary

The Office of Child and Youth Protection (OCYP) is seeking a Victim Assistance Coordinator to assist with implementing and maintaining the Archdiocesan response to the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children of Young People (Charter.) The Victim Assistance Coordinator will work in response to and in support of the Archbishop of Saint Louis and his Vicars as well as the Executive Director of the Office of Child and Youth Protection.

The Victim Assistance Coordinator will provide on-going case management, out reach and support services for persons who have been directly impacted by incidents of clergy sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct. This position will work up to 8 hours a week and in-office hours are required.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Provide ongoing case management services for adult survivors of clergy sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct incidents. Responsible for the coordination of all outreach efforts, support services and events that are arranged through the Office of Child and Youth Protection.
  2. Collaborate with the Archdiocesan Review Board and attend all board meetings on behalf of and as an advocate for persons who have reported incidents of clergy sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct.
  3. Arrange for counseling and/or other pastoral support services for persons making the abuse report. Maintain a roster of and foster working relationships with local and national treatment providers specializing in the treatment of trauma and sexual abuse.
  4. Facilitate a payment process and regularly communicate with treatment providers to ensure continuity of care until planned transition or termination of services occurs. Evaluate and approve providers and participate in the treatment planning process.
  5. Provide guidance and education for persons making a report of clergy sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct. Provide support through the length of the investigative process and serve as the main contact between the person making the report and the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Continue to offer support as long as the desire exists for ongoing communication.
  6. Document all actions taken and maintain individual confidential files for each person and family served.

Files are to be securely retained by the Office of Child and Youth Protection.

  1. Accompany, when necessary, persons making reports of clergy sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct during meetings and interviews. Arrange final listening session with the Archbishop of Saint Louis and be present for the session if requested. Encourage, assist with and ensure reporting requirements are met based on Missouri state law.
  2. Participate in and represent the Archdiocese of Saint Louis during various events including but not limited to child protection conferences, prayer services, parish-based events and activities related to the archdiocesan annual audit.
  3. Develop and implement pastoral programming, services and events to assist in the reconciliation and spiritual healing of persons who have been sexually abused by clergy and for the lay faithful of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis. Plan and schedule the annual Prayer Service for Spiritual Healing and arrange community support groups.
  4. Assist and provide support for other departments and/or archdiocesan parishes, schools and agencies when asked.

Knowledge & Experience Requirements

  1. Demonstrated interpersonal skills of empathy, collaboration and pastoral support.
  2. Experience supporting persons experiencing emotional trauma.
  3. Knowledge of the impact of clerical sexual abuse on victims, families and faith communities.
  4. Knowledge of best practices in supporting persons who have been the victim of sexual abuse; training in trauma informed care.
  5. Thorough understanding and ability to articulate archdiocesan child protection and

abuse reporting policies.

  1. Demonstrated high degree of verbal and written communication skills.
  2. Competence with technology and willingness to learn new applications.

(Microsoft Office, Outlook)

  1. A minimum of 10 years of clinical experience in a professional mental health setting.
  2. Advanced degree in Social Work, Psychology or Counseling preferred; Clinical licensure required (LCSW, LPC, Ph.D., Psy.D); Clinicians with a specialization in trauma, sexual abuse and/or co-occurring disorders are preferred.

Skills & Attitudes Required for Success in Job

  1. Must be a practicing Catholic in full communion with the teachings of the Church.
  2. Must understand and support the mission of the department and all abuse prevention efforts.
  3. Must have a high level of comfort working with sexual abuse, persons in crisis and/or those who have experienced significant trauma.
  4. Must be detail oriented and highly organized.

Relationships Requirements

  1. Office of Child and Youth Protection
  2. Office of the Archbishop
  3. Archdiocesan Review Board
  4. Office of Priest Personnel
  5. Office of the Permanent Diaconate
  6. Pastors
  7. Child Safety Coordinators (Parish and School Staff)
  8. Principals/School Administrators/DRE/CRE

Note to Applicants:

While a clinical license is required for this position it should be noted that the Victim Assistance Coordinator does not act as the primary therapist or provide mental health treatment to those seeking support. The Victim Assistance Coordinator arranges for treatment services when necessary and provides education and pastoral support to those who have made reports of clergy sexual abuse and/or sexual misconduct. Formal on-call hours are not required although there may be occasional times when after hours or crisis situations may arise and require immediate intervention.

*To apply, please send an email with resume to [email protected] and reference Victim Assistance Coordinator in the subject line.