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School Assistant/Secretary

Organization: Sacred Heart
Full Time

Purpose: To support the Principal’s office, faculty needs and those needs of the students and their families enrolled in the school

Expectations: The School Assistant is expected to act in keeping with the Witness Statement For Those Who Serve in Catholic Education. Furthermore,the secretary is to act in a professional and respectful manner with all those whom he/she comes in contact with and is to guard the confidentiality of all information with which he/she is entrusted.

Work Schedule: This is a full-time position with the following hours:

  • August 1 to the last day of the school year – 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • In the weeks following the end of the school year,the hours of the school office is set by the principal who evaluates the needs of the school and the number of hours needed to prepare for the upcoming school year.
  • July – None. School office is closed.

Responsibilities: The following is not to be considered an all-inclusive list of responsibilities;however, is meant to serve as a guide and is open to revision by the principal as needed.


  • Attend to the needs of the principal, faculty and students by providing whatever support is needed or directing them to the appropriate individual to meet those needs.
  • Process incoming email.
  • Answer calls coming in on school lines and directs messages as needed. Keep phone recordings for school line current
  • Greets visitors, ensures they are signed in,distributes and maintains visitor passes and directs visitors as needed
  • Ensures daily lunch count, attendance and SHARP count is submitted by faculty. Follows up on students not present or accounted for with parents/guardians
  • Accepts/signs for packages delivered to school


  • Creates and maintains student academic files in cooperation with faculty
  • Transfer of student records as requested by families
  • Monitors the movement of monies from faculty to parish business office and payment of supplies and services of the front office and classrooms
  • Schedules buses for field trips and other off-site activities and monitors payment of such.
  • Maintains and updates as needed class lists and class schedules.
  • Maintain office equipment including repair,maintenance and ordering of supplies as needed.
  • Maintain, order and organize office supplies for use by faculty and staff
  • Works with Principal’s Assistant to facilitate communications with student families through weekly Newsletter and Family Envelopes.
  • Works with Food Services Manager to file monthly Milk Report and receive school lunch menus.
  • In cooperation with principal, schedules substitute teachers, records their work hours and maintains faculty attendance records (sick days, personal days, workshops).


  • Orders textbooks and other consumable academic materials as determined by principal and faculty. Monitors receipt and payment of such.
  • Orders new playground equipment as needed or requested by faculty. Monitors receipt and payment of such.
  • Creates updated family directory.
  • Removes and stores files of students not returning to school in the next year.
  • Creates list of new students and new families along with their contact information to share with Home & School.
  • Sends final eighth grade report cards to graduating student’ high schools.
  • Creates a file folder with cumulative record report for all new, incoming students.
  • Advances student files to new academic level.
  • Updates student/family data base.

If interested please contact:

Michele Botilla at 636-225-5268 ext 212