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Part-time PSR Coordinator

Organization: Good Shepherd School
Part Time

Church of the Good Shepherd Parish located inHillsboro, MO is seeking a part-time PSR Coordinator.

Summary: Thepurpose of this position is to provide all families enrolled in the ParishSchool of Religion (PSR) a robust formation in the Catholic Faith, and toencourage both parents’ and children’s growth in the Faith and integration intothe Parish community. This positionaccomplishes this goal by organizing the necessary personnel and equipment,keeping continuous communication among the Pastor, the Catechists, the Parentsin PSR, and any other relevant persons. While the Coordinator focuses primarily on leading the PSR Curriculum,he or she does also suggest opportunities and resources to support the PSRFamilies and Catechists beyond the classroom.

A note on Good Shepherd’s PSR Curriculum: New for 2020-21 academic year is theimplementation of the Family of Faith program from Sophia Institute. This family-based model for PSR focuses onequipping parents to be the primary teachers of the Catholic faith for theirown children. It reimagines catechesisso that catechists and parents work together to engage the Faith beyond theclassroom, bringing it into everyday life and bringing families into the lifeof the Parish. It empowers parents withthe tools for spontaneous conversations, family-based activities, and thematiclessons so that children can continue learning at home and parents can live outtheir vocation as first educators and role models of the faith for their children.

Thus, Parents attend a monthly Parent PSR Class,which the Pastor and Coordinator jointly lead, and the Children attend PSRClasses with Catechists.


● Estimated time commitment: average of 13 hours perweek, ranging 6 – 20+ based on time of year and month. This is an ‘academic year’ position.

● Flexible Work: because most work is administrativein nature and can be done from a parish cell phone or computer (both provided),most work can be done from home. Apersonal on-campus office is also provided.

● In-Person Requirements: Classes are monthly, oneWednesday and one Sunday. Meetings withParents, Catechists, Volunteers, or the Pastor are generally in-person.Staff/Catechist meetings are about once-per-semester; parent meetings areusually only for the Sacraments; pastor meetings are as-needed; meetings withvolunteers, such as the Sacrament Prep team, are as-needed. Some meetings canbe phone calls.

● Other expected commitments: attend 11am Mass withthe Sunday Cohort; attend the major PSR Events such as Sacraments andRetreats. Also, collaboration with theCatholic Education office and deanery education efforts, and the implementationof Archdiocesan ‘safe environment’ guidelines.

In General:

● The PSR Coordinator is expected to have a spiritof evangelization informing the catechetical work. Thus, a living and growing love of Jesus andthe Church, and an ability to speak with joy of the gift of the Gospel shouldbe within the heart of any applicant.

● A robust life of prayer is essential as the ‘soulof the apostolate’. A candidate shouldnot only be able to teach prayer in words, but by the example of an integratedlife.

● A spirit of zeal, patience and discernment isessential as we accompany the families on their own ‘road to Emmaus’. The theological virtue of Charity must informall.

● Effective leadership, communication,confidentiality and organizational skills are a must.

Contact Details:

Qualified candidates may submit their resume or CVfor consideration to [email protected].