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Organization: Regina Cleri
Part Time

Room and Hallway Care:

  • Make beds
  • Spread may be laundered when needed. Extra sheets, blankets, spread, pads are stored in linen closets
  • Sheets are changed weekly, i.e. on Mondays unless the regular housekeeper is absent in which case the beds on that floor are changed on Tuesday
  • Clean bathroom and shower: toilet--under the seat,floor ledge, inside, etc.
  • Clean and dry sink and fixtures to shine
  • Clean weekly the priest’s bathroom glass to avoid mold build-up
  • Wet mop bathroom floor as needed
  • Put up clean towels: 2 wash cloths, 1 bath towel, 1 face towel, 1 bath mat unless requested otherwise
  • Change towels, washcloth, and bath mat if it is soiled or wet. Priests will put towels to be changed on the bathroom floor. Daily take soiled towels to laundry room
  • Clean shower curtain as needed
  • Check toilet paper—put 1 extra roll in cabinet under sink or on top of toilet bowl
  • Dust furniture and shelves
  • Vacuum the floors—rooms, halls and linen closets at least once a week
  • Clean the blinds as needed
  • Move the furniture—have maintenance staff assist with larger pieces
  • Defrost room refrigerators as well as the hall refrigerator when needed
  • Clean hall refrigerator weekly, including the top of the refrigerator. Keep ice container in freezer section filled
  • Empty waste cans daily—put into large container in the hall
  • When a priest is away deep clean his room while he is gone – special housekeeping may require collaboration with other housekeeper
  • Report any maintenance issues by contacting the maintenance staff or book on the mail cabinet to make a report.

Laundry Care:

Linens are changed weekly – typically on Mondays

When clean shirts and pants are returned, the hangers should be hung on the outside of the hall door; laundry bundle should be placed by hall door of room.

Take sheets and towels to linen closet and put into the cupboard orderly

Morning Break: 9:15 - 9:30am

Perform other duties as requested by the administrator

Knowledge and Experience Requirements:

A mature, honest and caring adult with good housekeeping skills

Ability to communicate effectively with the priests and staff

Ability to keep priests’ personal information confidential

Ability to safely use cleaning chemicals and operate appliances

Skills and Attitudes Required for Success in Job:

Ability to work alone and in team situations

Ability to receive and follow directions from administrator

Ability to vacuum and dust, to wet mop bathrooms, to make a neat bed

Ability to keep cart with cleaning materials supplied and neat

Possess a friendly and happy disposition

Relationships Required:

Work well with the administrator, other housekeepers and other staff

Ability to be gentle and compassionate in dealing with priests and the staff

Resources for Which Accountable:

Cleaning chemicals and electrical appliances

Care of priests’ furnishings, clothing, and linens—living room/office, bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom

Weekend Housekeeper:

Works alone and is responsible for rooms on all floors and, therefore, has minimized duties:

Puts soiled towels into washer in Laundry Room

Makes beds

Changes out towels

Empties waste cans

Check on toilet paper supply

Clean up any spills or messes as needed